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Zoomdweebie’s – The Year of Tea

Tag: Zoomdweebie’s

Episode 044: Tulsi Rama

Tulsi rama — also known as holy basil — is a tea that’s well-known and revered in Hinduism. I had two 2 oz. bags of this in my collection that I had forgotten about it, so I figured I’d brew it up for today’s tea.

The brew tastes strongly of cloves and black pepper with aromatic notes of anise. I wasn’t too crazy about the taste, but it has a ton of health benefits. To me though, it was like drinking medicine.

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Episode 050: Vanilla Mint Maté

50 episodes! I’m celebrating by drinking one of my favorite Zoomdweebie’s blends — vanilla mint maté.

Toasty, malty yerba maté is paired up with peppermint, spearmint, and vanilla in this refreshing blend. It’s great for drinking in the morning — the mint will wake you up and so will the maté! It’s a bit like a Shamrock Shake in tea form thanks to the creamy undertones of the vanilla. The only difference is that this beverage isn’t neon green!

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Episode 054: Spicier Chai

Winter is still wreaking havoc on us all, so I needed a good spicy tea to wake me up and keep me warm. Enter Zoomdweebie’s Spicier Chai.

Overall, it’s not bad! It’s a step above a regular chai blend that you may find, and the extra spice comes in the form of red pepper flakes. It’s a lot like Zoomdweebie’s Mayan Chocolate Chai, so if you’re not a big chocolate fan but love a strong chai blend, take this tea for a spin!

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Episode 063: Pina Colada Honeybush

Here’s another fun and tasty blend from Zoomdweebie’s — pina colada honeybush. Naturally sweet honeybush is paired with dried coconut and huge dried pineapple chunks to create a really great dessert-type cup of tea.

Steeping time is a bit long (7-10 minutes!) but it’s almost impossible to overbrew this. Sweeten this with honey to bring out the true flavor of the tea! Hot or iced, this tea is fantastic.

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Episode 065: Coconut Banana Cream Pie Hojicha

This coconut banana cream pie hojicha from Zoomdweebie’s might be my new favorite dessert tea! Toasty, nutty hojicha is blended with freeze-dried bananas and dried coconut pieces to create a really delicious cup.

This is great as a morning or after-dinner tea because of the low caffeine content. I bet this would be really something iced with a bit of coconut milk. I might have to try it that way next!

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