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rose – The Year of Tea

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Episode 181: Summer Rose

Rose is used a lot in teas for visual appeal and for its mild, floral taste. Too much rose can make a blend soapy and unpalatable, and too little rose can get drowned out by other flavors. Where does Adagio’s Summer Rose fall along that spectrum?

Survey says…serve it iced. As a hot tea, the rose petals and flavor and Ceylon base are overpowering. But once the tea cools, the flavors mellow out a bit the rose provides a nicer contrast to the malty Ceylon. If you’re a fan of rose, this blend might just be the bouquet for you!

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Episode 184: Cherry Green

I love cherries — surprise, surprise — so this Cherry Green from Adagio Teas sounded like it would be a great blend to try! I wish you could smell the dry leaves, because the cherry aroma is intoxicating!

However, the cherry flavor isn’t super strong in the brew. It’s tart, but the main flavor that I’m tasting here isn’t cherry — it’s rose! Any cherry flavor here is pretty minimal. Maybe this should be called “Cherry Rose”!

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Episode 197: Sweet Dreams

Bigelow has been hit or miss for me in terms of flavor, so I wasn’t sure what to expect with this herbal tea blend. I’m guessing the chamomile, known for its calming qualities, contributes to the “Dreams” part of Bigelow Tea’s Sweet Dreams. The rest of the ingredients are all over the place: peppermint, spearmint, hibiscus, orange, and rose.

Even with this motley mix of ingredients, the blend is not half bad! I think the mint and the chamomile cancel each other out (one relaxes you, the other stimulates you), but the resulting brew is a fruity, minty blend with a bit of natural sweetness. And hey — there’s the “Sweet” part of this tea’s name!

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Episode 234: Rose Pu’erh

I believe Tea Laden’s Rose Pu’erh may have made it’s way into my regular rotation of teas! I’m surprised because I thought these two flavors may not have worked well together.

This tuocha is flecked with rose petals, and the taste really comes out after you give it a proper “bloom”. The taste is floral and complex…almost like a rose syrup, but not overly sweet. Great for morning drinking! And you can get multiple steeps out of this!

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Episode 268: Calming Rose

This is going to sound terribly cliché, but whenever I’m having a night of fitful sleep, a good cup of tea usually calms me down enough to get me right off to bed. Last night, my tea of choice ended up being Tea Drift’s Calming Rose.

This is a really fragrant blend of rooibos, vanilla, safflower, and rose. Everything in this blend has a soothing and calming effect, and the vanilla and rose pair beautifully with the rooibos. It’s like aromatherapy in a cup!

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