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orange peel – The Year of Tea

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Episode 068: Pu’erh Chorange

Adagio Teas’ Pu’erh Chorange was quite a delicious surprise for me this morning! While I am not a coffee drinker, there are some mornings when I want that kind of earthy taste. This blend delivered it in spades!

Rich pu’erh is blended with orange peels and cocoa nibs to create a deeply satisfying cup of tea. All the flavors blend together nicely with no overwhelming tastes. Don’t let the odd name fool you — this is some good tea!

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Episode 077: Sweet Orange Maté

ESP Emporium — we have a winner! I’m really really digging this Sweet Orange Maté blend, which is a mix of green and roasted yerba maté. licorice, and orange peels. It sounds like an odd blend, but it really works together well!

The roasted maté and the orange give a nice smoky, citrus-y flavor that is complemented by the licorice to give a bit more depth. I also pick up on a hint of vanilla, which gives the tea a bit of a Creamsicle vibe. I’m a fan!

Purchase ESP Emporium’s Sweet Orange Maté

Episode 107: Lady Grey

Today I’m sampling one of Twinings’ “classic” teas — Lady Grey. I’m using classic liberally here considering this variety was invented a little less than 20 years ago. Earl Grey is ligthened up a bit with the addition of lemon and orange peel, as well as cornflower.

While the lemon and orange do make for a brighter, crisper cup of tea, they also contribute a bit of a soapy aftertaste. I’m not sure if this is present is in the loose leaf blend, but the bagged tea definitely tastes a bit flat and uninspiring.

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Episode 132: Christmas Cookie White Tea

It’s beginning to look a lot like…a hot summer. (What, did you think I’d say Christmas? This is one of the hottest Mays on record!) Normally I’d brew up a big pitcher of iced tea — and I still might — but today I decided to try Zoomdweebie’s Christmas Cookie White Tea.

This brew smells strongly of those vanilla spice cookies that you get around the holidays, and it lends itself really well to the delicate white tea base. Next experiment: try this tea with some actual Christmas cookies!

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Episode 142: Pu’erh Ginger

I have been on a real pu’erh kick this week. After that underwhelming pu’erh from yesterday, I decided to give Ocean of Tea’s Pu’erh Ginger a go. Just from the smell of the dry leaves, I had a feeling this would be good.

And I was right! This blend is packed with ginger and orange peel, and they provide a nice spicy complement to the deep, earthy pu’erh. Let this one cool down a bit to around 160 to 170 degrees to really savor that ginger flavor. Mmm!

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