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Numi Organic Tea – The Year of Tea

Tag: Numi Organic Tea

Episode 118: Cardamom Pu’erh

I had my first true experience with cardamom when I was in college. A good friend of mine turned me on to Indian food and cardamom lassis, and it’s been one of my favorite flavors since then. Will Numi Organic Tea’s cardamom pu’erh bring it? Let’s find out!

This blend definitely has the cardamom smell, but the flavor’s a bit lackluster when it’s hot. The pu’erh doesn’t really shine through like I hoped it would, although I could imagine this being a pretty complex brew if you have it iced. And because there are only two ingredients in this blend, you can try your hand at making it yourself!

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Episode 127: Chamomile Lemon

You know how I feel about chamomile. By itself, I’m not a fan of its honeyed apple sweetness. It usually does good paired with other flavors, and this chamomile lemon from Numi Organic Tea is no exception.

The zing of lemon myrtle cuts right through the chamomile to create a really satisfyingly sweet cup of tea that’s perfect for bedtime. Brew this up and have a lemon drop in your cup!

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Episode 157: Tomato Mint

Numi Organic Tea has a line of savory teas in a number of different vegetable flavors. I picked up a sampler box, and this was the luck of the draw — Tomato Mint. The ingredients sound like they would make a really nice soup — tomato, mint, cinammon, lemon peel, onion, and allspice.

I’ll just be blunt — I hate this…for drinking as a tea. It’s soup! Well, it’s more of a fat-free vegetable consomm√©. There is tea in here — decaf black tea — but you really don’t taste it at all. I would love to see this as a loose leaf blend with some lapsang souchong to add a bit of a smoky aroma and finish. Overall, it’s not bad, but it’s very one note.

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Episode 167: Emperor’s Pu’erh

I wasn’t too wild about the first pu’erh I tried from Numi Organic Teas, but I’m not ready to write them off just yet! Now I’m trying Emperor’s Pu’erh. (Sidenote: I wish Numi put as much effort into describing where the teas came from than they do into their flowery steeping directions.)

For a bagged pu’erh, it’s not half bad! There’s a nice depth of flavor here, but not so much that you don’t forget this is a bagged tea. There’s nice notes of chocolate — a bit similar to this grand leaf pu’erh — but much milder. If you need a pu’erh in a pinch, this should do just fine.

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Episode 178: Fennel Spice

My first foray into Numi Organic Tea’s savory tea line was…not so great. Would their Fennel Spice blend be better? Let’s see, shall we?

The fennel and licorice add a nice sweet/savory note that’s further accented by the celery root and dill. Orange and black pepper are in this as well, although they’re not very strong. Even with that, I’m actually kinda liking this blend!

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