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M&K’s Tea Company – The Year of Tea

Tag: M&K’s Tea Company

Episode 114: Sweet Violet

I must be on a springtime theme! First lavender, and now violet? What’s next, lilac tea? (Actually…let me look into that.) Today, I’m having M&K Tea Company’s Sweet Violet tea. As you can see from the picture, this tea is just big dried violets. That’s it!

The resulting taste is creamy and flowery with a light consistency. This holds up pretty well to multiple steepings, and I’d imagine this would be pretty refreshing as an iced tea. Pick it up today and put a bouquet in your cup!

Purchase M&K’s Tea Company’s Sweet Violet

Episode 121: Pennyroyal Pink

Pennyroyal Pink sounds like some delightful color you’d use to paint a kid’s bedroom, doesn’t it? Actually, it’s an herbal tea blend from M&K’s Tea Company which includes rose petals, roasted ginger, and beetroot powder.

Overall, I found it to be a very pleasant tea — slightly minty, yet light and a bit savory. But after gathering more information about pennyroyal I decided not to go through with drinking a full cup. I’m including a link where you can purchase this if you’re a bit more daring than I am!

Purchase M&K’s Tea Company’s Pennyroyal Pink

Episode 135: Kuromaicha

M&K’s Tea Company’s kuromaicha is my new favorite green tea. But it feels weird to even call it a green tea. Unlike its cousin genmaicha, kuromaicha is made up of kyobancha and toasted black rice.

The result is a super toasty, woodsy brew that’s packed with umami and hints of marshmallow. It’s subtle enough to drink every day, goes great with food, and kids can drink it too! What’s not to love?

Purchase M&K’s Tea Company’s Kuromaicha

Episode 146: Yerba Santa

I’ve gotta give it to M&K’s Tea Company. I’ve been drinking loose leaf teas for quite a while, but I haven’t run across a selection as varied and interesting as theirs in quite a while. Case in point: this yerba santa.

The brew from these herby, ridged leaves is very weird. It’s very herby, but there’s a really strong medicinal, wintergreen aroma and taste. It may be a bit of an acquired taste, but I’m glad for the chance to try this out!

Purchase M&K’s Tea Company’s Yerba Santa

Episode 165: Bvumbwe White Tea

On a recent samples binge at M&K’s Tea Company, I picked up a sample of their Bvumbwe White Tea. This tea comes straight from Malawi (tea is one of their biggest exports), and reminds me a lot of the oothu bai mu dan I reviewed a while ago.

The brewing directions were a bit finicky (158° at 30 seconds to two minutes?), but I was rewarded well for my efforts. The taste is nice and smooth with a hint of apricot aftertaste. It’s definitely not your typical white tea. Try it today!

Purchase M&K’s Tea Company’s Bvumbwe White Tea