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marigold – The Year of Tea

Tag: marigold

Episode 021: Blueberry Kona Pop

Mtume’s “Juicy Fruit” came to mind when I chose this tea. This is one of Teavana’s mixed blends (i.e., a blend of two blends), which consists of Blueberry Bliss and Pineapple Kona Pop. Hence the name Blueberry Kona Pop!

The dry leaves are really floral; actually, it kinda smells like Bubbalicious! It was great hot, but it really shines as an iced tea. It would be great as a mixer as well!

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Episode 027: Lemondrop Sencha

Spoiler alert! I love lemon (especially lemon desserts). So I was very excited to try this lemondrop sencha from Just Add Honey. They’ve mixed premium grade sencha with lemongrass, lemon myrtle, and marigold petals. It’s a good blend, but not great. I wanted more lemon flavor! MOAR!

It doesn’t look like Just Add Honey sells this blend anymore, but the lemondrop sencha from The Tea Guys looks pretty close to it.

Episode 037: Rooibos Peach

Rooibos is really one of those teas that is really hard to screw up. It’s forgiving for long brewing times at high temperatures and it takes on flavors really well.

Ocean of Tea has paired up this versatile tea with marigold petals (aka calendula) and peach flavoring for this satisfying and crisp blend. If you liked the Cinnamon Peach and Apricot Honeybush I reviewed earlier, you’ll really enjoy this versatile “cousin” blend.

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Episode 040: Tequila Lime

Tea that tastes like a margarita? Count me in!

Zoomdweebie’s has an interesting blend here — young Hyson green tea (which has its own storied history), marigold petals, and the essence of lime.

I found it more lime-y than tequila-y, but I would imagine this could make a good mixer if iced. Hyson is usually served with citrus, so add a twist of lime to punch up the flavor. Zing!

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Episode 104: Peach Momotaro

Flowers are blooming everywhere here in Atlanta…even right here in my apartment! Teavana’s Peach Momotaro is a blooming white tea with a delicate, soft peach flavor.

Keep in mind that with a lot of blooming teas, you’re not going to get a really strong flavor. I’d recommend steeping this around 5 minutes or so until you really start to see the water turn a deeper color. The peach flavor — while artificial — is a bit weak. Don’t go into this expecting a really juicy peach flavor.

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