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Etsy – The Year of Tea

Tag: Etsy

Episode 114: Sweet Violet

I must be on a springtime theme! First lavender, and now violet? What’s next, lilac tea? (Actually…let me look into that.) Today, I’m having M&K Tea Company’s Sweet Violet tea. As you can see from the picture, this tea is just big dried violets. That’s it!

The resulting taste is creamy and flowery with a light consistency. This holds up pretty well to multiple steepings, and I’d imagine this would be pretty refreshing as an iced tea. Pick it up today and put a bouquet in your cup!

Purchase M&K’s Tea Company’s Sweet Violet

Episode 115: Queen Mary

All aboard the Queen Mary, a black tea blend brought to you by Shasta Loose Leaf Teas out of Redding, California. This blend is a mix of Indian, Sri Lankan, and Kenyan teas that’s rich in antioxidants.

What it’s not rich in is a distinct flavor. It’s malty like you would imagine a black tea to be, but there’s nothing really extraordinary about this in terms of flavor. Maybe I missed the boat on this one.

Purchase Shasta Loose Leaf Teas’ Queen Mary

Episode 116: Blueberry Rooibos

The great thing about rooibos is that it takes on a lot of other flavors really well without sacrificing taste. I’ve reviewed a peach rooibos before, so I had a feeling this blueberry rooibos from SenseofJoyNBeauty would be a winner.

And I was right! The dried blueberries make this a juicy and refreshing tea. It’s not too sweet or too heavy — if you’re a blueberry lover, you’ll really enjoy this. Try it iced too!

Purchase SenseofJoyNBeauty’s Blueberry Rooibos

Episode 148: Lemon Basil Oolong

I’m a big fan of lemon desserts, but it can sometimes be hard to find a good lemon tea that really packs that right combination of sweetness and zing. Enter this lemon basil oolong I purchased from SenseofJoyNBeauty on Etsy!

There are big lemon granules — a gelatinous mixture of lemon juice and lemon peel — which give the tea this lemon flavor. However, the basil isn’t really that present until the brew cools down a bit. This came as part of a sampler pack from SenseofJoyNBeauty, but you can buy a similar blend separately from ESP Emporium.

Episode 169: Turmeric Ginger Tea

If you like nice spicy teas that warm you up and sooth you from the inside, you’ll dig this turmeric ginger tea from SenseofJoyNBeauty. There’s all organic ingredients here — lemongrass, orange peel, lemon oil, and ginger and turmeric (of course).

This tea is for all you ginger fans out there, because this blend has it in spades. There’s lots of intense ginger flavor in each sip, and the turmeric acts as an anti-inflammatory agent. Overall, it’s a really tasty, zesty blend and I can’t wait to get my hands on some more of it. Yum!

Purchase SenseofJoyNBeauty’s Turmeric Ginger Tea