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Episode 119: Haute Chocolate

Chocolate teas can be hit or miss, but Teavana has a real winner on their hands with this Haute Chocolate blend. Mild rooibos is the base here, and chocolate chips, ginger pieces, pepper, and cardamom pods round out the rest of the mix.

It’s a real pity Teavana doesn’t sell this anymore because this blend is GOOD. The rooibos and chocolate really go well together, and the pepper/ginger/cardamom trio adds a nice, spicy kick. It gets even better with just a tiny bit of milk to bring everything together.

If you’re hankering to try this on your own, Amarissa Woods’ Herbal Chocolate Chai is a great substitute.

Episode 133: Yunnan Gold

I recently picked up a few teas from Ocean of Tea, and this was the first one I had to try — Yunnan Gold. This is a black tea from Yunnan, China (where else?) characterized by soft golden tips on the leaves.

This is a really smooth and full-bodied tea with no bitterness or astringency. There’s a slight sweetness here that’s reminiscent of raisins and chocolate with a bit of a peppery aftertaste. It’s not quite Raisinetes, but you know what I mean. If you’re looking to upgrade your daily Black tea to something a little more refined, pick this up!

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Episode 167: Emperor’s Pu’erh

I wasn’t too wild about the first pu’erh I tried from Numi Organic Teas, but I’m not ready to write them off just yet! Now I’m trying Emperor’s Pu’erh. (Sidenote: I wish Numi put as much effort into describing where the teas came from than they do into their flowery steeping directions.)

For a bagged pu’erh, it’s not half bad! There’s a nice depth of flavor here, but not so much that you don’t forget this is a bagged tea. There’s nice notes of chocolate — a bit similar to this grand leaf pu’erh — but much milder. If you need a pu’erh in a pinch, this should do just fine.

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Episode 168: Tezpur Assam

I think I may be reaching the point where some of the teas I drink start closely resembling other teas I’ve reviewed. Take for instance this Tezpur Assam from M&K’s Tea Company. It looks like Yunnan Gold and has the flavor profile of RadioactiviTEA!

Even with those comparisons, I found this to be a nice cup of tea for those mornings when you need a little gentle push to get started. It’s not quite the jet fuel that RadioactiviTEA is, but it will get you going. Great with milk and sugar too!

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