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chicory – The Year of Tea

Tag: chicory

Episode 018: Toasted Nut Brulee

Teavana’s tea blends can be really hit or miss. This toasted nut brulee blend is a mix of oolong and rooibos along with a kitchen sink of other ingredients like coconut, ginger, and pineapple.

The resulting brew is nutty and spicy and oddly creamy. All the flavors really don’t come together in a very good way, but it’s more palatable iced than hot. If you’re allergic to nuts, you definitely should stay away from this.

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Episode 047: Maté Limón Chai

The Tea Spot‘s maté limón chai is an odd bird of a blend. They start with some really great quality yerba maté, add lemongrass, lemon oil, and lemon myrtle for the limón, along with traditional chai spice. The result is…weird.

It’s an oddly dark brew for a green maté, and when hot, the chai spices overwhelm everything else. More of the limón flavor comes through as it cools, but overall, it’s a forgettable cup of tea. Excellent packaging though!

The Tea Spot no longer sells this particular blend, and I couldn’t find a suitable replacement blend. Can’t win ’em all.

Episode 094: Maharaja Chai/Samurai Chai Maté

Teavana sometimes sends out these sample packs that include a mixture of two tea blends and rock sugar. Are these blends better than the sum of their parts? Let’s find out with this Maharaja Chai/Samurai Chai Maté blend!

These two blends have a lot of the same ingredients, but Maharaja Chai brings oolong and chicory to this mix. The overall result tastes like a muted Samurai Chai Maté. For the price, you would probably do better just buying twice as much Samurai Chai Maté.

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Episode 119: Haute Chocolate

Chocolate teas can be hit or miss, but Teavana has a real winner on their hands with this Haute Chocolate blend. Mild rooibos is the base here, and chocolate chips, ginger pieces, pepper, and cardamom pods round out the rest of the mix.

It’s a real pity Teavana doesn’t sell this anymore because this blend is GOOD. The rooibos and chocolate really go well together, and the pepper/ginger/cardamom trio adds a nice, spicy kick. It gets even better with just a tiny bit of milk to bring everything together.

If you’re hankering to try this on your own, Amarissa Woods’ Herbal Chocolate Chai is a great substitute.

Episode 143: Butterbeer Iced Tea

I had no idea what “butterbeer” was prior to trying this tea. I mean, I’ve heard of putting butter in coffee and butter in tea, but butter in beer? Turns out this is a drink in the Harry Potter series, which means I’ve lost about a million geek points for not catching the reference.

Nerdery aside, I really enjoyed this tea blend! I’m picking up a bit of butteriness (butterscotch, perhaps?), along with some root beer, chicory, and licorice flavors. In that regard, it’s a bit similar to Southern Boy Iced Teas’ root beer float iced tea, but without vanilla. It’s nice and smooth and perfect for the summer. Try it today!

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