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cherry – The Year of Tea

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Episode 022: Kitchen Sink Tea

I was very intrigued by this green tea blend from Zoomdweebie’s. The base is green tea (banchan, I think), and there is a huge medley of over 20 flavors added. Since each blend has different quantities of flavors, each cup tastes different.

It’s a fairly good green tea, but the fruity flavors are the star here. Try it iced and you’ll really taste the depth and nuance of flavor. It’s a lot going on, but it actually works!

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Episode 075: Sakura Allure

I do love cherries — namesake notwithstanding — so I had to try Teavana’s Sakura Allure. This is another one of their blends with a ton of additions, including bamboo and cactus. Luckily, most of those flavors don’t really float to the surface — green tea and cherry are the stars here.

It’s a pleasant tea, but the sour aftertaste lingers a bit longer than I’d like. Maybe it’s the cranberry and hibiscus, but it tastes like a lighter version of Tazo Passion. I imagine this would be really great iced!

Purchase Teavana’s Sakura Allure

Episode 076: Wild Cherry

I must be on a roll here with the cherry-flavored teas! This time, it’s Zoomdweebie’s Wild Cherry, a black tea blend with cherry flavoring and freeze dried cherry pieces.

Oh, I really wanted to like this, but it’s more like “mild cherry” to me. I think that’s because this tea is much better as a mixer than on its own. Hot (meh) or iced (drinkable) is hit or miss, but as a tea spritzer, this is fantastic! Check the product page for the recipe!

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Episode 124: Cherry Garcia

Cherry Garcia is one of Ben & Jerry’s most recognized flavors (and my personal favorite). Zoomdweebie’s tries their hand at
recreating this with their Cherry Garcia blend of black tea, cacao nibs, and freeze dried cherries.

I think because I’m used to this as a cold flavor, drinking this hot doesn’t really do it for me. I found that once it cooled down to about 140 degrees, it was perfect. The chocolate and cherries mix well with the tea, and it’s nicely balanced.

Zoomdweebie’s doesn’t sell this blend anymore, but The Republic of Tea’s Jerry Cherry looks like a good substitute.

Episode 183: Wild Berry Zinger

I’ll level with you — I’m getting a little tired of the overabundance of hibiscus in herbal teas. Specifically, I’m tired of the overabundance of hibiscus in this herbal tea — Celestial Seasonings’ Wild Berry Zinger.

Aside from the hibiscus flavor, the only thing that stands out is the sour, tangy orange aftertaste when hot. It really doesn’t taste too far off from Pomegranate Pizzazz. Or Tazo Passion. I will say this — it makes for a pretty tasty iced tea. So if you do pick this up, iced is the way to go.

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