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Episode 186: Pure Leaf Sweet Tea

Spoiler alert: I find most bottled tea to be gross. But my friends have been raving about this PureLeaf Sweet Tea and how good it is, so I had to give it a shot. The ingredients are pretty simple (brewed tea, sugar, citric acid), so I guess that accounts for the “pure” in the brand name.

Honestly, I almost gave up after the first sip. This tea is LOADED with sugar (42 grams!), yet has the nerve to have a bitter aftertaste. I can’t tell if that’s the citric acid or the strongly brewed tea, but I can still taste that sourness minutes after finishing.

Upon closer inspection, it appears this is just regular ol’ Lipton with better branding. How dreadful.

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Episode 188: AriZona Unsweetened Oak Brewed Tea

Here in the U.S., AriZona iced teas are everywhere. Those 99¢ tall boys have saved my bacon on many a hot day. However, AriZona teas aren’t exactly known for their flavor. So when I saw this Unsweetened Oak Brewed iced tea bottle at my neighborhood CVS, my interest was piqued.

Although it is unsweetened, there are three sweeteners in here which are used to help support the oak brewed tea. The result is a coppery and bitter brew with a sour finish. It might be good to pair with a food with vanilla or honey to bring out the oak flavor, but on its own it’s not pleasant at all.

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Episode 189: Gold Peak Sweet Tea

Oh, looks like we have another soft drink brand’s tea offering — Gold Peak Sweet Tea from Coca-Cola. Will this be better than the other two bottled teas I tried earlier? Let’s see!

This has more sugar than the Pure Leaf Sweet Tea I tried earlier, and you can definitely taste it! Pure Gold has nailed that slightly caramel taste that you get from Southern-style sweet tea when the sugar is included during the steeping process and not added afterwards.

That being said…this tastes to me like how I expect sweet tea to taste. We have a winner!

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Episode 204: Honest Tea Organic Honey Green Tea

New challenger approaching! Honest Tea (along with Gold Peak) is owned by Coca-Cola, and I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s the exact same tea with different branding. Today, I’m trying their organic honey green tea.

The two sweeteners in this tea — honey and cane sugar — produce a bit of a pear taste that detracts from the flavor of the green tea (which tastes a bit like salad greens). It’s not overly sweet, so I’m glad for that. If you like pears and salad, this tea might be for you!

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