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Episode 141: Pu’erh Tahiti

Earlier this week, I was on a pu’erh high. And now…it’s a pu’erh low. (A poor low?) Today, it’s Adagio Teas’ Pu’erh Tahiti — a blend of pu’erh with apple, coconut, mango, marigold petals, and papaya.

Yeah…I don’t like this. Pu’erh really goes with earthy flavors, and the sweet inclusions here make for a slightly musty smelling and tasting cup of tea. Even the dry blend smells a little bit like a sweaty sock. Blech!

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Episode 142: Pu’erh Ginger

I have been on a real pu’erh kick this week. After that underwhelming pu’erh from yesterday, I decided to give Ocean of Tea’s Pu’erh Ginger a go. Just from the smell of the dry leaves, I had a feeling this would be good.

And I was right! This blend is packed with ginger and orange peel, and they provide a nice spicy complement to the deep, earthy pu’erh. Let this one cool down a bit to around 160 to 170 degrees to really savor that ginger flavor. Mmm!

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Episode 167: Emperor’s Pu’erh

I wasn’t too wild about the first pu’erh I tried from Numi Organic Teas, but I’m not ready to write them off just yet! Now I’m trying Emperor’s Pu’erh. (Sidenote: I wish Numi put as much effort into describing where the teas came from than they do into their flowery steeping directions.)

For a bagged pu’erh, it’s not half bad! There’s a nice depth of flavor here, but not so much that you don’t forget this is a bagged tea. There’s nice notes of chocolate — a bit similar to this grand leaf pu’erh — but much milder. If you need a pu’erh in a pinch, this should do just fine.

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Episode 199: Big Snow Mountain Pearls

At first glance, M&K’s Tea Company’s Big Snow Mountain Pearls looks like a blooming tea! But it’s actually just a big rolled tea similar to what you’d find with jasmine pearls or maybe a gunpowder green tea. You can also find this tea called da xue shan.

For a pu’erh, this is a surprisingly light and smooth tea! There’s hints of honeysuckle and white peach, and this tea stands up very well to multiple steepings. For the price, you’ll want to get as much out of this as you can. If you like pu’erh but want a crisper taste, give this a shot!

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Episode 210: Chocolate Pu’erh

I’ve been super pleased with the pu’erh offerings from Numi Organic Teas, so I had a feeling this chocolate pu’erh would be pretty satisfying. Along with the title ingredients for this blend, there’s nutmeg, vanilla, orange peel, and cinnamon.

Wow…this is really delicious. (And y’all know how I feel about chocolate teas.) The depth of the pu’erh matches the richness of the chocolate perfectly, and the additional ingredients round out the blend. It’s great hot, but as an iced tea? Spectacular. So much chocolatey goodness. I’m a fan!

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