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maté – Page 2 – The Year of Tea

Category: maté

Episode 048: Hark!

So I’ve secretly been portioning this blend out over the years because it’s super good. Handmade Tea, if you’re reading this — make a re-blend of Hark!

Whiskey-smoked yerba maté is mixed with peppermint and big shards of Saigon cinnamon (also known as Vietnamese cinnamon). The cinnamon and peppermint are a great touch which meld with the light smokiness from the maté. It’s very much a holiday tea (in flavor), but it’s still so damn good.

I couldn’t find a substitute, but like most of Handmade Tea’s blends, you can grab the individual ingredients and make your own blend.

Episode 050: Vanilla Mint Maté

50 episodes! I’m celebrating by drinking one of my favorite Zoomdweebie’s blends — vanilla mint maté.

Toasty, malty yerba maté is paired up with peppermint, spearmint, and vanilla in this refreshing blend. It’s great for drinking in the morning — the mint will wake you up and so will the maté! It’s a bit like a Shamrock Shake in tea form thanks to the creamy undertones of the vanilla. The only difference is that this beverage isn’t neon green!

Purchase Zoomdweebie’s Vanilla Mint Maté

Episode 057: Climber’s High

Surprise — another maté blend! As a non-coffee drinker, maté and black tea are my go-to beverages when I need a buzz. The Tea Spot’s Climber’s High is a great, well-rounded cup of tea that’s great when you need a jolt in the morning or a pick-me-up after lunch.

It’s a yerba maté blend with chai spices, so it’s a light in body but heavy on flavor. There’s also tulsi rama, green tea, white tea, and pu’erh in this blend. It’s kind of a Whitman’s Sampler of tea in one cup!

Purchase The Tea Spot’s Climber’s High

Episode 061: Maté Lemon Blast

This maté lemon blast blend from Teavana is the perfect balance of bright lemon flavor and earthy, vegetal maté. It’s great hot, FANTASTIC iced, and suitable enough for daily drinking.

This is one of the first maté blends I’ve ever tried, and it remains a favorite even though Teavana no longer sells this. (Grr!) The Green Teahouse’s Maté Lemongrass is a suitable replica. Try it out and let me know what you think!

Episode 066: Fasting Tea

Ah, another interesting blend from ESP Emporium — this time, it’s their Ayurvedic Fasting Herb Tea Blend (or Fasting Tea for short). As you can see from the photo here, there’s an eclectic mix of ingredients going on in this blend.

These all blend together to make an oddly tangy cup of tea. Not savory…tangy. It might be the mix of chamomile and black pepper, but there’s an odd taste to this blend. It’s meant to “support you in times of moderation”, but I think I’ll just stick to plain ol’ water.

I will say this — it did make me lose my appetite.

Purchase ESP Emporium’s Ayurvedic Fasting Herb Tea Blend