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Episode 044: Tulsi Rama

Tulsi rama — also known as holy basil — is a tea that’s well-known and revered in Hinduism. I had two 2 oz. bags of this in my collection that I had forgotten about it, so I figured I’d brew it up for today’s tea.

The brew tastes strongly of cloves and black pepper with aromatic notes of anise. I wasn’t too crazy about the taste, but it has a ton of health benefits. To me though, it was like drinking medicine.

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Episode 048: Hark!

So I’ve secretly been portioning this blend out over the years because it’s super good. Handmade Tea, if you’re reading this — make a re-blend of Hark!

Whiskey-smoked yerba maté is mixed with peppermint and big shards of Saigon cinnamon (also known as Vietnamese cinnamon). The cinnamon and peppermint are a great touch which meld with the light smokiness from the maté. It’s very much a holiday tea (in flavor), but it’s still so damn good.

I couldn’t find a substitute, but like most of Handmade Tea’s blends, you can grab the individual ingredients and make your own blend.

Episode 064: Azteca Fire

Teavana used to classify this as an “herbal” tea, but it’s really more like an exotic hot cocoa mix. There’s chocolate pieces, apple, strawberry, and chili.

Overall, it’s kind of a crappy cup of tea. Actually, it’s a crappy cup of hot cocoa too. The chili is basically nonexistent. I can kinda see why Teavana doesn’t sell this anymore. But if you want to give it a try for yourself, Mighty Leaf’s Mayan Chocolate Truffle is a great substitute.