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Episode 034: Sencha

Yesterday, I drank bancha, and today, it’s sencha! It doesn’t take a sophisticated palette to discern between the flavors of sencha and bancha. Sencha has a light, sweet vegetal taste whereas bancha is a bit more robust and nutty. It tastes very “green”…if that makes sense.

Don’t break the bank buying sencha from those big tea vendors — hit up your local Japanese market!

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Episode 040: Tequila Lime

Tea that tastes like a margarita? Count me in!

Zoomdweebie’s has an interesting blend here — young Hyson green tea (which has its own storied history), marigold petals, and the essence of lime.

I found it more lime-y than tequila-y, but I would imagine this could make a good mixer if iced. Hyson is usually served with citrus, so add a twist of lime to punch up the flavor. Zing!

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Episode 043: Tropical Green

Eh, I had high hopes for this Tropical Green sample from The Necessiteas. It was gifted to me by a friend, and I ran across it recently while searching out new teas from my collection this week.

I don’t know how they flavored this, but I found less and less of the “tropical” flavor the more I drank this. Maybe it all floated to the top or something, but by the time I got mid-way, it was just a regular cup of bancha (which isn’t bad, but if I wanna drink bancha, I’ll drink bancha. (And I have too!)

It doesn’t look like The Necessiteas sells this anymore, but Harney & Sons Tropical Green looks like a good substitute.

Episode 049: Caramel Dipped Apple

Okay, so my last review from The Necessiteas might have been a bit harsh. I decided to give them another shot with this caramel dipped apple blend.

Oh…where to start. It’s good in theory. The caramel spheres lend a nice creamy profile to the green tea, but the blend overall is ruined because of the whole cloves and the artificial flavors. I could barely finish the cup.

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Episode 057: Climber’s High

Surprise — another maté blend! As a non-coffee drinker, maté and black tea are my go-to beverages when I need a buzz. The Tea Spot’s Climber’s High is a great, well-rounded cup of tea that’s great when you need a jolt in the morning or a pick-me-up after lunch.

It’s a yerba maté blend with chai spices, so it’s a light in body but heavy on flavor. There’s also tulsi rama, green tea, white tea, and pu’erh in this blend. It’s kind of a Whitman’s Sampler of tea in one cup!

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