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Episode 022: Kitchen Sink Tea

I was very intrigued by this green tea blend from Zoomdweebie’s. The base is green tea (banchan, I think), and there is a huge medley of over 20 flavors added. Since each blend has different quantities of flavors, each cup tastes different.

It’s a fairly good green tea, but the fruity flavors are the star here. Try it iced and you’ll really taste the depth and nuance of flavor. It’s a lot going on, but it actually works!

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Episode 024: Gunpowder Green Tea

Today, I sampled a gunpowder green tea from The Little Red Cup Tea Company. (If it looks familiar, it’s because it’s the same type of tea used for the promo graphics for this podcast!)

This isn’t the first gunpowder tea I’ve reviewed (see episodes 005 and 016), so I’m familiar with the smoky flavor that gunpowder green tea usually has. However, I didn’t really get that flavor profile too much with this tea. It’s very middle of the road. But it does have cool packaging.

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Episode 027: Lemondrop Sencha

Spoiler alert! I love lemon (especially lemon desserts). So I was very excited to try this lemondrop sencha from Just Add Honey. They’ve mixed premium grade sencha with lemongrass, lemon myrtle, and marigold petals. It’s a good blend, but not great. I wanted more lemon flavor! MOAR!

It doesn’t look like Just Add Honey sells this blend anymore, but the lemondrop sencha from The Tea Guys looks pretty close to it.

Episode 029: Jasmine Pearls

Mmmm…jasmine pearls. In my regular rotation of teas, jasmine pearls is always there. Tightly rolled little nuggets of green tea dusted with the scent of jasmine blossoms? I’m sold. And for value, you can get several steepings from a few teaspoons.

These jasmine pearls from Ocean of Tea are something you definitely need to try. Try brewing in a glass teapot and watch the leaves unfurl!

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Episode 033: Bancha

There are a lot of different varieties of green tea — matcha, sencha, gyokuro, etc. — and with these varieties come different flavor profiles. When someone says to me “I don’t like green tea”, I immediately think that they probably haven’t tried different ones.

Bancha is my green tea variety of choice — mellow and mature and suitable for daily drinking. It’s not as aromatic as sencha, but it has a nice robust flavor that goes well with a lot of different foods. Which green tea variety is your favorite?