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The Year of Tea – Page 4 – Learn about a new tea in the time it takes you to brew a fresh cup. Hosted by Maurice Cherry.

Episode 016: Chai-napple Gunpowder

Today I’m reviewing another fun blend from Zoomdweebie’s 52 Teas line — chai-napple gunpowder. They’ve mixed traditional gunpowder green tea with chai spaces (cinnamon, ginger, caramon) and freeze dried pineapple.

As a hot tea, this didn’t really float my boat. But once it cooled down to room temperature, those spices really came out and it was quite enjoyable with the sweetness of the pineapple. I can imagine this would be really tasty iced! Give it a try!

Purchase Zoomdweebie’s Chai-napple Gunpowder

Episode 017: Gavati

Here’s another older blend from Handmade Tea — Gavati. This is their first oolong blend, and it’s a real winner.

Light, melony oolong is blended with black tea and lemongrass. I thought at first these flavors would clash, but the proportion here makes for a really well-balanced cup of tea suitable for daily brewing hot or iced. If Handmade Tea decides to bring back any past blends, this should be at the top of their list. Delicious!

Episode 018: Toasted Nut Brulee

Teavana’s tea blends can be really hit or miss. This toasted nut brulee blend is a mix of oolong and rooibos along with a kitchen sink of other ingredients like coconut, ginger, and pineapple.

The resulting brew is nutty and spicy and oddly creamy. All the flavors really don’t come together in a very good way, but it’s more palatable iced than hot. If you’re allergic to nuts, you definitely should stay away from this.

Purchase Teavana’s Toasted Nut Brulee

Episode 019: Douglas Fir Spring Tip

When it comes to tea, we usually think of leaves, fruits, herbs, or spices. But what about fir needles? Juniper Ridge’s Douglas Fir Spring Tip uses the needle tips of Douglas Firs form the Cascade Mountains of the Pacific Northwest.

While this is a bag tea (which I typically stay away from), I was curious to try it. The taste is crisp and lemony with a strong forest-like aroma. Try this out and have your own “cup of tree” today!

Purchase Juniper Ridge’s Douglas Fir Spring Tip

Episode 020: Blood Orange Smoothie

I have a few sample packs in my collection from The Tea Spot, and this is the first one that stood out to me. I mean, who doesn’t want a tea that tastes like a smoothie, right?

This blend does not disappoint. It smells and tastes just like a Creamsicle. Best of all, you can’t really oversteep this since it has rooibos as a base. Try it iced for maximum vanilla flavor!

Purchase The Tea Spot’s Blood Orange Smoothie