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Episode 071: RadioactiviTEA

I don’t know about you, but I feel like my body is still trying to catch up from “springing forward” this past weekend. I needed to get up and at ’em today, so I went to my old standby — Zoomdweebie’s RadioactiviTEA.

This blend of CTC Assam teas will perk you up before you finish a full cup. It’s strong, slightly pungent, and very malty. Great for multiple steepings as well. Power up!

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Episode 073: Lemon Drop Cooler

Zoomdweebie’s Lemon Drop Cooler is like an all-in-one Uptown (also known as an Arnold Palmer). This honeybush blend is packed with lemon flavor — lemon peel, lemon verbena, lemon balm, lemongrass, and lemon myrtle. That’s a whole lotta lemon.

The flavor really shines when this tea is iced. Not that it’s bad hot, mind you! Give it a try both ways and see what you like!

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Episode 076: Wild Cherry

I must be on a roll here with the cherry-flavored teas! This time, it’s Zoomdweebie’s Wild Cherry, a black tea blend with cherry flavoring and freeze dried cherry pieces.

Oh, I really wanted to like this, but it’s more like “mild cherry” to me. I think that’s because this tea is much better as a mixer than on its own. Hot (meh) or iced (drinkable) is hit or miss, but as a tea spritzer, this is fantastic! Check the product page for the recipe!

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Episode 079: Extra Bold Masala Chai

Zoomdweebie’s Extra Bold Masala Chai is about as authentic as you can get without traveling to India yourself. They use RadioactiviTEA as the base (CTC Assam) along with traditional chai spices which have been grinded to release their flavor and oils.

The result is a STRONG cup of tea that will not only wake you up, but warm you up too! The maltiness of the Assam melds perfectly with these ground spices. Add a little bit of milk to cut down on bitterness and you’re in heaven.

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Episode 082: Mango Peach Iced Tea

Maybe it’s because I’m a born and bred Southerner, but once the weather starts getting warm, I get a strong hankering for iced tea. I have a lot of teas from Zoomdweebie’s Southern Boy collection, and today I’m sampling their mango peach iced tea.

I’m picking up mango more than peach, but both flavors in this blend meld perfectly with the Indian black tea. The prep instructions are a little vague, but you can’t go wrong with cold brewing this in the fridge in a pitcher or carafe.

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