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Episode 180: Kukicha

Zhi Tea’s Kukicha is made up of the stems, twigs, and branches that are left over from green tea processing. It might sound odd to drink, but hey, we drink cinnamon in tea and that’s basically tree bark!

Kukicha is nutty, slightly sweet, and falls somewhere between sencha and bancha (to me) on the green tea flavor spectrum. This kukicha is slightly roasted to bring more of that earthy flavor to the surface. Kukicha is also naturally low in caffeine, is great hot or iced, and kids can drink it too! It’s all-purpose!

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Episode 192: Royal Courtesan

Royal Courtesan — also known as dong ding gui fei or gui fei oolong — is a really lovely, limited edition tea from the good folks at Zhi Tea in Austin, TX. Despite the old-sounding name, this tea variety was created in 2000!

This tea is really floral with a strong taste of clover honey throughout each sip. It’s a very nice oolong with a great aroma of wildflowers and fresh grass. If you’re an oolong fan, then you want this tea in your collection.

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Episode 200: Matcha

200 episodes! We’re more than halfway on this tea journey, so I thought it would be a great time to finally give matcha a try. This fine powdered green tea can be drunk straight or added to a number of foods or drinks to give a green tea flavor. Check out my Instagram post and see what I used to prepare it!

This matcha from Zhi Tea is from Japan, and I found it very grassy with a bit of a chalky aftertaste. Matcha can be pricey depending on the quality (ceremonial grade or culinary grade), but it also has a lot of great health benefits. It’s worth giving a try if you’re into green tea!

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Episode 215: GABA Oolong

Yo GABA GABA! No, I’m not talking about that hyperactive kids show — I’m referring to this GABA oolong from Zhi Tea. GABA is an acronym for gamma aminobutryic acid, an amino acid that has a calming effect on the nervous system.

These little partially oxidized nuggets of oolong are brimming with the stuff, which makes this tea really good after a long stressful day when you need to relax. The tea also has a nice cinnamon flavor with a slight plum aftertaste. You can also get multiple steepings out of this, so treat yourself and grab this today!

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