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Episode 320: Coconut Chai

Coconut and chai are two of my favorite flavors, and I’m glad to find a tea that has them both! Zhena’s Coconut Chai is organic, fair trade, vegan, and gluten-free, and it’s a mix of Ceylon, Assam, and traditional chai spices (although coconut is strangely missing from the ingredient list).

For a bagged tea, this packs a lot of flavor! It’s a very aromatic blend, and the ginger and coconut are pretty strong. I’m going to have to see what else is in Zhena’s tea inventory!

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Episode 333: Fig and Flower

Zhena Tea’s Fig and Flower really caught my attention because of their packaging design. For $8.99, you get tea in its own reusable glass storage jar — complete with a tiny spoon! How cute!

Sadly, this is where the magic ends on this blend. The green tea, while fragrant, lends little taste to the mixture of apple and cornflower. There’s not even any fig in the blend despite fig being in the name of the blend! NEXT!

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Episode 353: Mint Rose

Zhena Tea’s Mint Rose is a pretty simple blend — Egyptian peppermint and rose petals. That’s it! This is an extremely fragrant tea, so let’s skip the small talk and give it a taste!

The peppermint is nice and strong, and certainly dominates the blend in terms of aroma and taste. The rose comes through a bit in the aftertaste and curbs the sharpness of the mint (but not by much). It’s a good blend, but it’s definitely more minty than anything else.

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