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Episode 173: Honeysuckle Oolong

Honeysuckle Oolong is the second offering from Dachi Tea Company, and at first glance, the tea looks like a black tea! The dark, highly oxidized leaves kinda threw me for a loop there.

The resulting brew is light and floral with hints of white peach and a strong base of honey. Multiple steepings brought out more of that honey flavor, so it’s a great tea to sip on for a while. Give it a shot!

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Episode 263: Zomba Green Velvet

Yum! M&K’s Tea Company’s Zomba Green Velvet really captures what’s great about green tea. Also called Malawian Zomba Green Velvet Tea, this particular cultivar has a nice fruity undertone reminiscent of white peaches.

The resulting brew is equally spectacular. It’s got a nice smooth mouthfeel with a buttery, fruity aftertaste. It’s a bit mellow overall, but the nuances of this versus a Japanese green tea can’t be ignored. If you’re a green tea fan, grab some of this and add it to your collection!

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