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Verdant Tea – The Year of Tea

Tag: Verdant Tea

Episode 248: Spring Harvest Laoshan Black

Jason and the Steepster crew sent me five really great teas to review for the show, and the first one I wanted to try was this Spring Harvest Laoshan Black. Even though it’s a black tea, the steeping directions are more like an oolong or a green tea!

Even with that, you will be well-rewarded for your effort, because this is a seriously savory tea. There’s rich, lush notes of cacao and honey that make this a really tasty cup. Try some today; you’ll like it!

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Episode 264: Master Han’s Qianjiazhai Yunnan Green

It’s a green tea weekend over here, and next up is Master Han’s Qianjiazhai Yunnan Green (courtesy of Steepster). I’ve had Yunnan Gold before, but a Yunnan green? I’ve got to try this out!

This is a very herby tea with a crisp, fresh taste that reminds me a bit of yame gyokuro. It’s a good green tea, but it tastes a bit middle-of-the-road for me. I did find that more flavor came out on the second steeping, so give it another shot if you’re not feeling the first cup.

Episode 292: Summer Chamomile Medley

Fall is definitely here, but I still need one last taste of summer. Right now, I’ll settle for this Summer Chamomile Medley blend from Verdant Tea (courtesy of Steepster). Usually chamomile isn’t my cup of tea, but this includes a ton of tasty inclusions — goji berries, lemongrass, tulsi rama, chrysanthemum, dandelion, and more.

It certainly looks like chamomile when it brews, but I certainly don’t taste it! Its honeyed sweetness accentuates the berries in the blend, and the lemongrass gives a nice clean finish. This would be amazing as an iced tea as well! Get the recipe here!

Episode 326: Shui Xian

A Wuyi oolong — finally! I’ve been on the hunt for one to try on the show, and Verdant Tea’s Shui Xian fits the bill. What I really like about this strip-style oolong is that it doesn’t take a long time to boil. You can steep for as short as 3 seconds or as long as 30 seconds. Very convenient!

You might think you won’t get a lot of flavor from such a short steep of this tea, but oh…you do. It has a lovely sweet floral flavor with hints of honey and lychee and a bit of ginger in the aftertaste. This tea stands up well to multiple steepings and tastes really fantastic when iced. It’s a new favorite for sure!

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Episode 350: 2015 Loose Sheng

I’ve raved a bit in the past about Verdant Tea because 1) the tea tastes phenomenal and 2) the tea is super fresh. Take this 2015 Loose Sheng, for example. This is a little over a month old as of this tasting! And get this — it comes from 300 year old tea trees in Qianjiazhai — home of the oldest tea forest in the world! Let’s give this a taste!

After a quick 20 second steep (I love that!), the resulting brew is really brimming with flavor. I’m picking up hints of crisp apple with a bit of herbiness, and an aftertaste that’s a bit like a honeyed cream. As it cools, more of that cream flavor blooms throughout the tea. It’s really something you’ve got to taste for yourself. Mmm!

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