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Episode 033: Bancha

There are a lot of different varieties of green tea — matcha, sencha, gyokuro, etc. — and with these varieties come different flavor profiles. When someone says to me “I don’t like green tea”, I immediately think that they probably haven’t tried different ones.

Bancha is my green tea variety of choice — mellow and mature and suitable for daily drinking. It’s not as aromatic as sencha, but it has a nice robust flavor that goes well with a lot of different foods. Which green tea variety is your favorite?

Episode 105: Yame Gyokuro

While I was in Austin for SXSW last month, I picked up this bag of Yame Gyokuro from The Steeping Room. Yame Gyokuro is from the town of Yame in the Fukuoka prefecture of Japan, and is only harvested two weeks out of the year.

This is definitely what I would call a “special occasion” kind of tea! The leaves have a naturally sweet, salty, grassy aroma, with a smooth and full-bodied mouth feel. I actually get a light pear taste from this tea!

Gyokuro is the best of the best when it comes to green tea, so most reputable tea vendors sell gyokuro. If you’re in Austin, pick it up at The Steeping Room!

Episode 242: Green Rooibos

Most of the rooibos blends I’ve tried here on the show are oxidized, which is why the tea has that auburn color. Unoxidized rooibos like this kind from M&K’s Tea Company is called green rooibos.

So what does it taste like? Think of a lighter, more verdant rooibos with hints of fresh hay. The honeyed root sweetness is still there, but the lack of oxidation makes for an overall lighter cup. I’m a fan!

Purchase M&K’s Tea Company’s Green Rooibos

Episode 331: Wakoucha

Green tea comes in a variety of flavor profiles based on when the tea was picked and how long it’s been steamed or roasted. M&K Tea Company’s wakoucha is a green tea that’s picked later in the harvest (like bancha) and is usually roasted (like hojicha).

The resulting brew gives you the vegetal sweetness and low astringency of green tea, but with a toasty flavor similar to black sesame. And unlike most black teas, wakoucha doesn’t have a lot of caffeine. If you like green tea, then this variety is worth giving a try!

Purchase M&K’s Tea Company’s Wakoucha