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Episode 085: Almond Milk Iced Tea

Iced tea season is heeeeeere! I mean, I do love my hot teas, but there’s nothing better on a hot day that a tall cold glass of iced tea. And you know we love iced tea here in the South.

Today’s selection is another iced tea from Zoomdweebie’s — almond milk iced tea. Now this sounds like an odd flavoring for iced tea, but stick with me here, because it’s REALLY good. I didn’t really get an almond milk flavor — and I am a heavy almond milk drinker — but I got more of a marshmallow-y Thai iced tea flavor. So if that’s up your alley, then you should definitely give this tea a shot!

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Episode 087: Root Beer Float Iced Tea

More iced tea! I’m switching it up now that we’re ending out March and nearly a quarter of the year has passed. (Where has the time gone?) Today, I’m having Zoomdweebie’s Root Beer Float iced tea.

I absolutely adore this tea, and it’s going to have to be in my regular staple of summer brews. Every ingredient shines here — the smooth, rich black tea, the spicy sweet complexity of the root beer, and the creaminess imparted by the marshmallow root. It’s more of a “soda” type of tea, but I’m not mad at that. It’s definitely more hydrating!

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Episode 088: Camomile, Honey and Vanilla

If you’ve been following this podcast for any length of time, you know I usually prefer loose leaf tea. But I also know that not everyone has the time to fool with filters and water temperatures and such when they just want a warm cup of tea. So to that end, I’m also going to review more bagged teas on the show. Today, it’s Twinings’ Camomile, Honey and Vanilla.

It’s a nice fragrant tea, but honestly, all the flavor is in the aroma (which reminds me of fresh baked biscuits with butter and honey). The resulting brew itself is extremely bland — light chamomile flavor punctuated with honey, but overall, it’s pretty forgettable.

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Episode 102: Cream

Adagio Teas’ Cream came as part of a sample pack that I purchased recently. As you can see from the leaves, it’s a pretty good quality black tea with no inclusions. So where’s the cream? Good question.

It’s not a terrible tea — you certainly get those warm, toasty vanilla and marshmallow notes that you’d associate with cream, but it’s just not all the way there. It’s lacking a certain oomph. Maybe using vanilla sugar to sweeten it would punch up the flavor, but your mileage may vary. It was just kinda boring for me.

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Episode 112: Vanilla Chai

Bigelow teas will always remind me of college. When I worked in the computer science department, my boss would always have random bags in her office. Now, well over a decade later, as I continue diving into my collection, I found this old bag of Vanilla Chai that I know I swiped from her desk. (Sorry, Mrs. Banks!) Couldn’t hurt to try it, right?

I’m really impressed with the richness in flavor of this tea! The vanilla scent does overpower anything remotely “chai” about this tea, but adding milk really tempers the vanilla and allows the other spices to shine. Not bad for an old tea bag!

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