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toasted rice – The Year of Tea

Tag: toasted rice

Episode 110: Chocolate Delight

Now y’all know I’m not a huge fan of chocolate teas, so I wasn’t really sure if I’d enjoy Just Add Honey’s Chocolate Delight. But there’s a secret ingredient in this blend that completely won me over — barley!

It sounds weird, but the barley adds a starchy, malty quality which elevates this chocolate tea to something more decadent and substantial. Add a bit of milk to really bring everything together! Delicious!

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Episode 130: Green Caramel

Green tea and caramel? I was a little unsure about trying this out, but Just Add Honey’s Green Caramel has a nice smooth flavor with a good hearty base — genmaicha!

Yes, it’s the genmaicha that really makes this blend a star. The toastiness plays very well with the caramel and produces a pretty satisfying cup of tea. This tea would be best served warm (around 160-180 degrees), so drink it quick!

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Episode 319: Golden Oolong Tea

Oh…another bottled tea. I’ve got plenty of loose leaf teas left, but work has been busy and I’ve had a lot on my plate, so bottled teas have been my go-to drink for the past few weeks. Today, it’s Ito En’s Golden Oolong Tea. This unsweetened tea is a blend of huan jin hui (also known as Golden Cinnamon) and ti kuan yin (also known as Iron Goddess or tieguanyin).

Taste-wise, it’s really the best of both oolongs! The huan jin hui brings a nice toasty warm flavor with a whisper of cinnamon, and the ti kuan yin is nice and grassy with a bit of a stewed greens flavor. Together, it’s a pretty nice robust blend that would go well with food or on a hot day. Nice!

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