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Episode 327: Dream By The Fire

Back when I first started drinking tea, I really got into The Republic of Tea’s blends because of the rounded teabags and the nicely designed tins. So I’m revisiting this old favorite with one of their holiday blends — Dream By The Fire.

The rooibos blend also contains cinnamon and vanilla, which make the blend sweet and warm. For a bagged tea, it’s not that bad, but it’s very middle-of-the-road in terms of flavor. It does make for a pretty great dessert tea, and would pair well with some apple cider (or some alcohol for a hot toddy). Give it a try!

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Episode 339: Hibiscus Key Lime

Oh goody, another hibiscus tea. I actually like the flavor and richness of hibiscus, but I don’t like how it pops up in every other herbal blend I try. To that end, I figured I should seek out a tea that was primarily hibiscus, like The Republic of Tea’s Hibiscus Key Lime.

This is a really tasty tea! The hibiscus is allowed to be the star here, and the stevia, lime, and lemon serve as nice additions. I’d like this hot or iced, although iced would probably be best. Try it!

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Episode 356: Comfort and Joy

I’ve got my last tea here from The Republic of Tea — a black tea blend called Comfort and Joy that includes apple, clove, cinnamon, and licorice root. I’m a little wary about this flavor combo, but let’s give it a try and see what we’re working with.

The apple and cinnamon provide nice top notes of flavor and aroma, but the combination of clove and licorice just dirties up the rest of the cup. It’s like biting into a nice apple and finding it’s rotten under the skin. Blech!

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