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The Necessiteas – The Year of Tea

Tag: The Necessiteas

Episode 043: Tropical Green

Eh, I had high hopes for this Tropical Green sample from The Necessiteas. It was gifted to me by a friend, and I ran across it recently while searching out new teas from my collection this week.

I don’t know how they flavored this, but I found less and less of the “tropical” flavor the more I drank this. Maybe it all floated to the top or something, but by the time I got mid-way, it was just a regular cup of bancha (which isn’t bad, but if I wanna drink bancha, I’ll drink bancha. (And I have too!)

It doesn’t look like The Necessiteas sells this anymore, but Harney & Sons Tropical Green looks like a good substitute.

Episode 049: Caramel Dipped Apple

Okay, so my last review from The Necessiteas might have been a bit harsh. I decided to give them another shot with this caramel dipped apple blend.

Oh…where to start. It’s good in theory. The caramel spheres lend a nice creamy profile to the green tea, but the blend overall is ruined because of the whole cloves and the artificial flavors. I could barely finish the cup.

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Episode 055: Root Beer Float

I think this is the last tea from The Necessiteas in my current collection — root beer float. I don’t drink soda a whole lot, but when I do, I love me some root beer. And nothing says summertime to me like a root beer float.

This tea suffers from the same problem as the tropical green I reviewed a few weeks back — artificial flavoring that floats to the top of the cup and stays there. The first few sips are lovely, but that flavor fades sip by sip until you’re at the middle of the cup. I really hope ALL their teas aren’t this way…

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