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Tea Laden – The Year of Tea

Tag: Tea Laden

Episode 163: Tiffany Rose

I haven’t reviewed a blooming tea in a while, but I recently found out about Tea Laden and their huge (and cheap!) selection of blooming teas and loaded up on several of them. First up: Tiffany Rose.

Tiffany Rose is a nice rose-scented green tea with an amaranth blossom woven in the center. It’s a nice, mild cup of tea, although I found the amaranth a bit bitter. It’s not bad, and with Tea Laden’s huge selection, I’ve got plenty more blooming teas to choose from.

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Episode 185: 1000 Day Flower

Tea Laden’s 1000 Day Flower just sounds like a really cool name for a tea. And look at the little bloom! It looks like a tiny flower bud! You’ve gotta hand it to them for variety.

As far as taste, though? Eh…it’s alright. I’m certainly not seeing fireworks over it, but it’s a good, mild, middle-of-the-road tea to sip on throughout the day. And it looks pretty in a teapot. That counts for something, doesn’t it?

Purchase Tea Laden’s 1000 Day Flower

Episode 234: Rose Pu’erh

I believe Tea Laden’s Rose Pu’erh may have made it’s way into my regular rotation of teas! I’m surprised because I thought these two flavors may not have worked well together.

This tuocha is flecked with rose petals, and the taste really comes out after you give it a proper “bloom”. The taste is floral and complex…almost like a rose syrup, but not overly sweet. Great for morning drinking! And you can get multiple steeps out of this!

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Episode 257: Amaranth Mushroom

Don’t let the name of this blooming tea scare you off — the “mushroom” in Tea Laden’s Amaranth Mushroom refers to the shape of the tea bloom. Jasmine-scented green tea is woven around a chrysanthemum and an amaranth flower to create this unique shape.

This little baby is packing a punch of flavor! The jasmine is sweet and floral, with accents of honey from the chrysanthemum. Try it out today!

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Episode 285: Flower Umbrella

Tea Laden’s Flower Umbrella is…well, an umbrella of flowers. That’s pretty much it! (Tea Laden isn’t exactly big on descriptions for these blooming teas.) From first glance, it looks to be green tea and some type of large petaled flower.

While this tea ball steeps, those large petals open up. Taste-wise…it’s nothing spectacular. The green tea is average at best and the flowers don’t impart any flavor in the final brew. I’m pretty sure you can pass this one by if you see it elsewhere.

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