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Tea Drift – The Year of Tea

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Episode 249: Pomegranate Detox

Tea Drift sent over a few samples of their tea line for me to try out, and TYOT patron Erica M. suggested trying out their Pomegranate Detox first. This is a lively blend of oolong tea, pomegranate, yuzu berry, and golden chrysanthemum.

Despite the name, the pomegranate flavor is really not here. Even still, it’s a good tea! The chrysanthemum provides a light honey flavor, and the yuzu gives a clean citrus-y taste with no bitterness. Great as an iced tea too!

(BTW, have you become a patron of The Year of Tea yet? Do it today!)

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Episode 268: Calming Rose

This is going to sound terribly cliché, but whenever I’m having a night of fitful sleep, a good cup of tea usually calms me down enough to get me right off to bed. Last night, my tea of choice ended up being Tea Drift’s Calming Rose.

This is a really fragrant blend of rooibos, vanilla, safflower, and rose. Everything in this blend has a soothing and calming effect, and the vanilla and rose pair beautifully with the rooibos. It’s like aromatherapy in a cup!

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Episode 275: Good Morning Energy

Black tea on its own in the mornings can be pretty bitter, but Tea Drift has found a way to fix that — cover it up with a bunch of aromatics! That’s what this Good Morning Energy blend feels like to me. Black tea in a bouquet of lavender, rosemary, bergamot, and rose.

The taste is sweet. The smell is almost medicinal. But I think for all these inclusions, I didn’t actually get that buzz I get from black tea. (Doesn’t lavender usually calm you down?) It’s not a bad tea blend, but I just don’t know if I’d have this in the morning instead of a cup of something stronger.

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Episode 284: Immortalitea

Can you believe it took 284 episodes to finally run across a pun like this in a tea blend’s name? Tea Drift’s Immortalitea is a savory blend of rosemary and sage along with green tea, rose, lemon, and safflower. And if you’re familiar with the aromas of sage and rosemary, then you know exactly how medicinal this blend smells.

Taste-wise, it’s not too bad. The rose, sage, and rosemary come together very harmoniously and give a good flavor to the cup. I didn’t really taste tea in this blend at all!

Episode 288: Lemon Mint Metabolism Booster

‘Tis the season for overindulgence! Soon, there will be family dinners and company potlucks and all manner of events designed specifically for chowing down. It’s Tea Drift’s Lemon Mint Metabolism Booster to the rescue!

This mix of green tea, lemongrass, peppermint, and melon (cantaloupe, most likely), is nice and smooth. The green tea here is sencha, so be careful not to brew it at too high of a temperature. Give it a try!

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