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Episode 117: Strawberry Lemonade

Teavana…you befuddle me sometimes. This strawberry lemonade blend, while tasty, also seems wholly unnecessary. Strawberry lemonade ain’t rocket science — strawberries plus lemons plus water plus sweetener. BAM! Done. No artificial flavors either.

So what makes this blend so special? Maybe it’s the addition of rosehips and lime. Maybe it’s the sunflower petals. Who knows? But I figure if you’ve got access to buy this at $7/2 oz., you can just go to the grocery store and pick up the actual ingredients. Your mileage may vary.

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Episode 220: Monk’s Blend

This Monk’s Blend tea from Shasta Loose Leaf Teas must be a pretty common blend. While doing my research, I easily found over a dozen other vendors selling the exact same blend ingredient for ingredient. In some cases, they even used the same descriptions! And here I thought Etsy products were by makers, not takers.

Copycat behavior aside, I have to say that this blend is really just kinda average. The Ceylon base is malty and brassy, and the grenadine and vanilla flavors give the blend a bit of a sharp aftertaste. Overall…it’s not that great. Do monasteries even have grenadine?

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