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Southern Boy Teas – The Year of Tea

Tag: Southern Boy Teas

Episode 161: Lavender Chai

Delicate, floral lavender and strong, spicy chai don’t sound like they’d be a great mix. But oh…Southern Boy Teas is here to prove you wrong! This blend features high quality black tea, traditional chai tea spices, and of course, lavender.

It seems like an odd combination, but it totally works! The lavender flavor is a great accent that heightens the cardamom and clove, and overall it’s very well-balanced and smooth. What an awesome tea to try for National Iced Tea Day!

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Episode 171: Mandarin Orange

I feel like we’ve skipped spring and went straight into summer here in Atlanta. That means I’ve been drinking nothing but iced tea to stay cool. And since I still have a TON of teas from Zoomdweebie’s, something from Southern Boy Teas was my first choice. Today, it’s Mandarin Orange.

While the tea definitely captures the smell of orange, the taste is more like a mix of fruits — orange, cherry, grape, etc. The first flavor that popped into my mind was Froot Loops! That’s not a bad thing — it just means the orange has some supporting players. Try this refreshingly fruity tea today!

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Episode 182: Cantaloupe and Berries

It’s July 1, and we’ve reached the halfway mark for The Year of Tea! To celebrate, I’m pouring up a big tall glass of iced tea courtesy of Southern Boy Teas. The flavor? Cantaloupe and berries.

This sencha green tea blend has a lot of berry flavor, and the butteriness of the green tea goes really well with the hint of cantaloupe. It’s just perfect for a hot summer day like today. Let’s toast to the second half of this tea discovery journey!

Purchase Southern Boy Teas Cantaloupe and Berries

Episode 195: Plum Iced Tea

It’s been quite a while since I’ve had a plum tea, so when I saw this plum iced tea blend over at Southern Boy Teas, I had to grab it. Plums are definitely in season right now (I’ve got at least 2 dozen squirreled away), so let’s give this a try!

Plums have a nice, floral and delicate flavor, and the white tea used for this blends supports that profile perfectly. The blend is a little tangy, and would go well with some honey as a sweetener. Or if you’re feeling adventurous, pair it up with some lavender or a bit of cinnamon. It’s quite refreshing!

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Episode 221: Cherry Chocolate Iced Tea

It’s the hottest part of the summer here in Atlanta, so I’m all about getting close to a nice tall glass of iced tea to stay cool. Today, it’s Southern Boy Tea’s Cherry Chocolate Iced Tea.

I know it sounds like an odd flavor combination for an iced tea, but it works really well together! It tastes like you’re drinking a cherry-flavored Tootsie Roll Pop, which is fine by me.

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