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smoky – The Year of Tea

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Episode 024: Gunpowder Green Tea

Today, I sampled a gunpowder green tea from The Little Red Cup Tea Company. (If it looks familiar, it’s because it’s the same type of tea used for the promo graphics for this podcast!)

This isn’t the first gunpowder tea I’ve reviewed (see episodes 005 and 016), so I’m familiar with the smoky flavor that gunpowder green tea usually has. However, I didn’t really get that flavor profile too much with this tea. It’s very middle of the road. But it does have cool packaging.

Purchase The Little Red Cup Tea Company’s Gunpowder Green Tea

Episode 035: Pomander

Today I’m sampling another of Handmade Tea’s older blends — Pomander. This is a very aromatic blend that includes whole cloves, star anise pods, and gunpowder black tea.

These three ingredients come together to produce a very dark liquor with a smoky, full-bodied taste. If you find it too bitter, try adding a splash of almond milk! Like other Handmade Tea blends, this can easily be assembled using ingredients from most upscale supermarkets like Whole Foods.

Episode 254: Russian Caravan

Привет! Today’s tea is a transatlantic trip to Russia with The Tea Spot’s Russian Caravan. This classic blend of teas consists of lapsang souchong, oolong, assam, and pu’erh. Pretty bold flavors there!

Even with this mix of strong teas, the resulting brew is full-bodied and mellow. Lapsang souchong adds a nice smoky finish to this blend, making it great either hot or iced. I could see this becoming a staple in my collection!

Purchase The Tea Spot’s Russian Caravan

Episode 338: Black Rooibos

Smoky is not a characteristic that I would give to rooibos, but M&K Tea Company’s Black Rooibos is hella smoky. I’m talking smoky like a lapsang souchong with just as much pine aroma. Now I’m intrigued.

Taste-wise, the blend is sweet and smoky. You get a touch of rooibos’ characteristic root sweetness, but the deep roast tempers it a bit so you just get an overall smoky sip. I’m on the fence about this one!

Purchase M&K’s Tea Company’s Black Rooibos