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Episode 055: Root Beer Float

I think this is the last tea from The Necessiteas in my current collection — root beer float. I don’t drink soda a whole lot, but when I do, I love me some root beer. And nothing says summertime to me like a root beer float.

This tea suffers from the same problem as the tropical green I reviewed a few weeks back — artificial flavoring that floats to the top of the cup and stays there. The first few sips are lovely, but that flavor fades sip by sip until you’re at the middle of the cup. I really hope ALL their teas aren’t this way…

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Episode 087: Root Beer Float Iced Tea

More iced tea! I’m switching it up now that we’re ending out March and nearly a quarter of the year has passed. (Where has the time gone?) Today, I’m having Zoomdweebie’s Root Beer Float iced tea.

I absolutely adore this tea, and it’s going to have to be in my regular staple of summer brews. Every ingredient shines here — the smooth, rich black tea, the spicy sweet complexity of the root beer, and the creaminess imparted by the marshmallow root. It’s more of a “soda” type of tea, but I’m not mad at that. It’s definitely more hydrating!

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Episode 212: Rum Cider

Hot apple cider with rum is a classic cold weather drink. I tried to re-create that with this blend from Design A Tea. I used rooibos as the base, and added…well…rum and cider flavors. (Hey, they’re not too descriptive on what else goes in here.)

The taste reminds me a lot of this root beer float blend I tried months ago, but with the sweetness of apple and a hint of cinnamon. Not too shabby!

Episode 363: Vanilla Jasmine

I’ve reviewed some root beer flavored blends before, and this vanilla jasmine from Golden Moon Tea sort of falls into that mix. It’s a mix of black tea and green jasmine tea along with organic bourbon vanilla beans which gives this blend its flavor.

It certainly smells like vanilla (with a touch of jasmine), but in terms of taste, it’s more of that vanilla/black tea/root beer flavor that I mentioned before. It would have been good to have some more of that jasmine flavor here, but it gets lost in the brew. I’d maybe add a bit of milk and cream to round out the flavors, but overall…it’s just okay.

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