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Episode 175: Pomegranate Pizzazz

Bigelow! At long last, we meet again. This time, it’s Pomegranate Pizzazz, one of five teas in a recent sampler I picked up from Amazon.

This herbal tea packs a lot of ingredients, but the one flavor that stands out the most isn’t the one this blend is named after! Note for note, this reminds me of Tazo Passion, and there’s only a faint whisper of pomegranate as an after taste. It’s not a bad tea; it’s just not the flavor it says it is. Maybe they should rename it “Hibiscus Hooray”.

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Episode 245: Pomegranate Mojito Green Tea

The crew at Zest Tea sent over samples from their entire product line for the show, and the first one I’m trying is their Pomegranate Mojito Green Tea. This is a bagged tea, but these sachets can easily be opened if you just want to brew it in a filter basket.

This is a blend that’s probably better enjoyed as an iced tea. As a hot tea, the lime flavor is so cloyingly sour that the tea is nearly undrinkable. Your mileage may vary, but give it a try both ways and see which you like best.

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Episode 249: Pomegranate Detox

Tea Drift sent over a few samples of their tea line for me to try out, and TYOT patron Erica M. suggested trying out their Pomegranate Detox first. This is a lively blend of oolong tea, pomegranate, yuzu berry, and golden chrysanthemum.

Despite the name, the pomegranate flavor is really not here. Even still, it’s a good tea! The chrysanthemum provides a light honey flavor, and the yuzu gives a clean citrus-y taste with no bitterness. Great as an iced tea too!

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