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Episode 195: Plum Iced Tea

It’s been quite a while since I’ve had a plum tea, so when I saw this plum iced tea blend over at Southern Boy Teas, I had to grab it. Plums are definitely in season right now (I’ve got at least 2 dozen squirreled away), so let’s give this a try!

Plums have a nice, floral and delicate flavor, and the white tea used for this blends supports that profile perfectly. The blend is a little tangy, and would go well with some honey as a sweetener. Or if you’re feeling adventurous, pair it up with some lavender or a bit of cinnamon. It’s quite refreshing!

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Episode 215: GABA Oolong

Yo GABA GABA! No, I’m not talking about that hyperactive kids show — I’m referring to this GABA oolong from Zhi Tea. GABA is an acronym for gamma aminobutryic acid, an amino acid that has a calming effect on the nervous system.

These little partially oxidized nuggets of oolong are brimming with the stuff, which makes this tea really good after a long stressful day when you need to relax. The tea also has a nice cinnamon flavor with a slight plum aftertaste. You can also get multiple steepings out of this, so treat yourself and grab this today!

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Episode 282: Cinnamon Plum

Plums are one of my favorite fruit flavors, but I haven’t tried out a lot of plum teas here on the show. So I was pretty excited to run across Rishi Tea’s Cinnamon Plum. It’s a really aromatic blend that’s heady and warm and comforting…like baked plums with cinnamon.

In terms of taste, Rishi Tea really nailed this one. The plum flavor is very very close to a real plum, and I think that’s because of the currants that are also in this blend. I’ve got to get some more of this!

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