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Episode 022: Kitchen Sink Tea

I was very intrigued by this green tea blend from Zoomdweebie’s. The base is green tea (banchan, I think), and there is a huge medley of over 20 flavors added. Since each blend has different quantities of flavors, each cup tastes different.

It’s a fairly good green tea, but the fruity flavors are the star here. Try it iced and you’ll really taste the depth and nuance of flavor. It’s a lot going on, but it actually works!

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Episode 031: Mango Pineapple Darjeeling

Darjeeling is such an interesting tea, y’all. It’s a Chinese tea that grows in India and can have a really layered and complex flavor profile. In this mango pineapple darjeeling blend, the good folks at Zoomdweebie’s have added freeze dried mango and pineapple to create a really satisfying cup.

The fruitiness of the mango and pineapple really play well with the darjeeling, and it makes for a fruity yet balanced brew. This is so, so, so good.

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Episode 043: Tropical Green

Eh, I had high hopes for this Tropical Green sample from The Necessiteas. It was gifted to me by a friend, and I ran across it recently while searching out new teas from my collection this week.

I don’t know how they flavored this, but I found less and less of the “tropical” flavor the more I drank this. Maybe it all floated to the top or something, but by the time I got mid-way, it was just a regular cup of bancha (which isn’t bad, but if I wanna drink bancha, I’ll drink bancha. (And I have too!)

It doesn’t look like The Necessiteas sells this anymore, but Harney & Sons Tropical Green looks like a good substitute.