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Episode 141: Pu’erh Tahiti

Earlier this week, I was on a pu’erh high. And now…it’s a pu’erh low. (A poor low?) Today, it’s Adagio Teas’ Pu’erh Tahiti — a blend of pu’erh with apple, coconut, mango, marigold petals, and papaya.

Yeah…I don’t like this. Pu’erh really goes with earthy flavors, and the sweet inclusions here make for a slightly musty smelling and tasting cup of tea. Even the dry blend smells a little bit like a sweaty sock. Blech!

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Episode 295: Cranberry Immune Booster

Nothing quite says fall to me like cranberries, so why not have them in some tea? Tea Drift’s Cranberry Immune Booster definitely has that distinctive fruity tang, and pineapple, papaya, peach, passionfruit, mango, hibiscus and apricot come along for the ride.

Even with that melange of flavors, the cranberry shines through (mostly thanks to the hibiscus). There’s also a faint whisper of mango and papaya, even with the huge chunks of fruit in this blend. I bet this would be fantastic as an iced tea!

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Episode 334: Divine Temple

I recently learned about Georgia Tea Company from one of this show’s listeners, and the first blend I wanted to try was their best-selling Divine Temple. The ingredient list almost reads like something from Teavana — several green teas (darjeeling, wun yu, sencha, dragonwell, jasmine), white tea (bai mu dan), and lots of candied fruits.

All of these flavors come together surprisingly well! The mix of green and white teas provides a nice, buttery smooth base for all these candied fruit flavors to dance around on. Those nuances really become more pronounced when you let the tea cool to around 140°, so don’t be in a rush to guzzle this down while it’s hot.

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