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onion – The Year of Tea

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Episode 157: Tomato Mint

Numi Organic Tea has a line of savory teas in a number of different vegetable flavors. I picked up a sampler box, and this was the luck of the draw — Tomato Mint. The ingredients sound like they would make a really nice soup — tomato, mint, cinammon, lemon peel, onion, and allspice.

I’ll just be blunt — I hate this…for drinking as a tea. It’s soup! Well, it’s more of a fat-free vegetable consomm√©. There is tea in here — decaf black tea — but you really don’t taste it at all. I would love to see this as a loose leaf blend with some lapsang souchong to add a bit of a smoky aroma and finish. Overall, it’s not bad, but it’s very one note.

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Episode 178: Fennel Spice

My first foray into Numi Organic Tea’s savory tea line was…not so great. Would their Fennel Spice blend be better? Let’s see, shall we?

The fennel and licorice add a nice sweet/savory note that’s further accented by the celery root and dill. Orange and black pepper are in this as well, although they’re not very strong. Even with that, I’m actually kinda liking this blend!

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Episode 235: Carrot Curry

I’m still sipping my way through Numi Organic Tea’s Savory Tea collection. Next up: Carrot Curry. I was pretty surprised to find actual chunks of carrot inside of the teabag!

I like the slightly sweet taste imparted by the carrot, and the ginger, turmeric and curry give a slightly spicy aftertaste. I’d have liked it to be stronger, but as it is now, it’s perfectly good. I like it!

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Episode 286: Broccoli Cilantro

Next up in Numi Organic Tea’s savory tea line is this broccoli cilantro blend. Together, these two might not sound that tasty, but Numi has added a number of spices to the mix (turmeric, sage, black pepper, garlic) along with green tea to really round out the flavor.

This particular blend definitely tastes like a fancy vegetable broth. The turmeric gives this blend a slightly dry aftertaste. It’s not the best out of their line, but it’s not the worst either.

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Episode 317: Spinach Chive

I’ve still got a few of these savory teas from Numi Organic Tea left, so I figure I’d go ahead and get them out of the way in these last few weeks of The Year of Tea. This green tea blend includes spinach and chives (of course) along with lime, dill, onion, coriander, turmeric, and garlic.

Yeah…I’m gonna have to pass on this one. The spinach is a bit too intense and the lime is a really odd ingredient to include with dill. The other spices seem to be standard between these savory tea blends, but in this one, they don’t really add much to complement the main two ingredients. Blech.

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