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nutmeg – The Year of Tea

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Episode 136: Sweet Oolong Revolution

Sweet Oolong Revolution is a fruity herbal tea blend from Teavana with flavors of cardamom, cinnamon, cloves…and papaya abd pumpkin. It sounds weird, but it actually doesn’t make for a bad cup of tea! It’s sweet and spicy, and the pumpkin and papaya lends a creamy/savory note that’s pretty satisfying.

Teavana doesn’t sell this blend anymore, which is kind of a shame. I know there’s a lot of people out there who wish they would bring this back!

Episode 159: Maharaja Chai Oolong

Remember when I reviewed the Maharaja Chai/Samurai Chai Maté blend a while ago? Turns out I had a bag of Maharaja Chai Oolong in the back of tea collection. Let’s give it a try, shall we?

It’s…decent. It’s very heavy on the spices — so much so that the oolong is drowned out by the strength of the cinnamon/clove/cardamom/star anise combination. I can see why this would be blended with Samurai Chai Maté, but I’d rather have that than this. Your mileage may vary.

Purchase Teavana’s Maharaja Chai Oolong

Episode 206: Rooibos Chai

One thing I love about rooibos is how well it takes on other flavors. But will that carry over to a bagged tea? Let’s give Numi Organic Tea’s Rooibos Chai a shot and see!

I gotta say — this has some complex flavor for a bagged tea! Strong notes of clove and ginger with a nice light finish of cinnamon and allspice. Because rooibos is used as the base, it tastes a bit lighter than your average chai, which means it would really be good iced. I’ll have to get some more of this!

Purchase Numi Organic Tea’s Rooibos Chai

Episode 210: Chocolate Pu’erh

I’ve been super pleased with the pu’erh offerings from Numi Organic Teas, so I had a feeling this chocolate pu’erh would be pretty satisfying. Along with the title ingredients for this blend, there’s nutmeg, vanilla, orange peel, and cinnamon.

Wow…this is really delicious. (And y’all know how I feel about chocolate teas.) The depth of the pu’erh matches the richness of the chocolate perfectly, and the additional ingredients round out the blend. It’s great hot, but as an iced tea? Spectacular. So much chocolatey goodness. I’m a fan!

Purchase Numi Organic Tea’s Chocolate Pu’erh

Episode 304: Witches’ Brew Chai

It’s Halloween, and since I’m too old to go trick-or-treating and don’t have any kids, I’ll settle for this Witches’ Brew Chai from Zoomdweebie’s. This is an eerily spicy blend of lapsang souchong, cumin, clove, ginger, cinnamon, star anise, and nutmeg. It’s not eye of new and toe of frog, but let’s take a sip of this brew and see how it is!

Two words sum up this blend perfectly: smoky cumin. I figured I would taste more clove or ginger since those inclusions are big and present in the dry blend, but the pine tar aroma of the lapsang souchong and the dry cumin really kind of drowned out the other spices completely. A little bit of milk does improve the taste a bit, but not by much. NEXT!