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Episode 168: Tezpur Assam

I think I may be reaching the point where some of the teas I drink start closely resembling other teas I’ve reviewed. Take for instance this Tezpur Assam from M&K’s Tea Company. It looks like Yunnan Gold and has the flavor profile of RadioactiviTEA!

Even with those comparisons, I found this to be a nice cup of tea for those mornings when you need a little gentle push to get started. It’s not quite the jet fuel that RadioactiviTEA is, but it will get you going. Great with milk and sugar too!

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Episode 190: Fuji Apple Oolong

So after all that bloody bottled tea, I’m glad to get back to some good ol’ quality loose leaf tea. And M&K’s Tea Company’s Fuji Apple Oolong is a perfect way to ease back into my routine. This blend contains some really nice quality ti kuan yin along with dried Fuji apple pieces.

The resulting brew is very refreshing and clean. The buttery ti kuan yin is the star here, with the sweet hint of Fuji apple appearing as an aftertaste. You can brew this tea multiple times, so give it a try and let me know what you think about it!

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Episode 199: Big Snow Mountain Pearls

At first glance, M&K’s Tea Company’s Big Snow Mountain Pearls looks like a blooming tea! But it’s actually just a big rolled tea similar to what you’d find with jasmine pearls or maybe a gunpowder green tea. You can also find this tea called da xue shan.

For a pu’erh, this is a surprisingly light and smooth tea! There’s hints of honeysuckle and white peach, and this tea stands up very well to multiple steepings. For the price, you’ll want to get as much out of this as you can. If you like pu’erh but want a crisper taste, give this a shot!

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Episode 205: Classic English Breakfast

Well I’ve had an Irish breakfast blend, so let’s hop across the Irish Sea to jolly old England for a nice classic English breakfast, shall we? This blend from M&K’s Tea Company is a mix of Indian and Sri Lankan Ceylon black teas.

This is pretty much a no-frills tea in terms of taste — sharp and malty with enough body to cut through the greasiest and heartiest of breakfasts. If you need a great everyday black tea blend, this is it!

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