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Episode 305: Mojito Mist

You may be familiar with kombucha, but have you heard of jun? Jun is a fermented tea drink like kombucha, but instead of being made with black tea and sugar, it’s made with green tea and honey. This jun from Cultured Traditions, Mojito Mist, is a blend of green tea with mint, honey, limes, and grapes.

And guess what — it really tastes like a mojito! It’s light and acidic and the taste of mint dances on the tongue. It’s really quite delicious. If you’re in the Atlanta area, pick this up at any Whole Foods location!

Episode 353: Mint Rose

Zhena Tea’s Mint Rose is a pretty simple blend — Egyptian peppermint and rose petals. That’s it! This is an extremely fragrant tea, so let’s skip the small talk and give it a taste!

The peppermint is nice and strong, and certainly dominates the blend in terms of aroma and taste. The rose comes through a bit in the aftertaste and curbs the sharpness of the mint (but not by much). It’s a good blend, but it’s definitely more minty than anything else.

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