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Episode 070: White Sage and Wild Mint

Today I’m sampling Juniper Ridge’s other herbal tea offering — white sage and wild mint. This is another bag tea, but there are nice big particles of sage and mint here which create a smooth and aromatic cup of tea.

Interestingly, I taste the mint first and then the sage comes at the tail. It’s not bad, but it doesn’t make for a really memorable cup of tea. But I guess if push comes to shove, you could use this dry blend as a rub for a rack of lamb. I love a tea that’s a good multitasker!

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Episode 096: Organic Mint Melange

Oh goody…another mint tea. Hear me out though — Mighty Leaf’s Organic Mint Melange sounds like it might be more than what you think just from the name alone.

And yet, that’s where it falls flat (to me, that is). Putting “melange” in the name makes you think you’re getting a mix of mints, when in actuality, it’s just a plain ass cup of spearmint tea. Why you gotta lie, Mighty Leaf? That’s mighty dishonest of you. NEXT!

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Episode 157: Tomato Mint

Numi Organic Tea has a line of savory teas in a number of different vegetable flavors. I picked up a sampler box, and this was the luck of the draw — Tomato Mint. The ingredients sound like they would make a really nice soup — tomato, mint, cinammon, lemon peel, onion, and allspice.

I’ll just be blunt — I hate this…for drinking as a tea. It’s soup! Well, it’s more of a fat-free vegetable consomm√©. There is tea in here — decaf black tea — but you really don’t taste it at all. I would love to see this as a loose leaf blend with some lapsang souchong to add a bit of a smoky aroma and finish. Overall, it’s not bad, but it’s very one note.

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Episode 267: Basil Mint Pu’erh

If you’re a fan of loose leaf teas, you know it can be pretty easy to rag on the quality of bagged teas. I’ve gotta say though — pretty much every bagged tea I’ve had from Numi Organic Teas has had great flavor, and this Basil Mint Pu’erh is no exception.

Basil and mint are already harmonious flavors, and they add a sprightly kick to this pu’erh blend. There’s some slight chocolate notes to the pu’erh as well, which makes this a bit like drinking a Thin Mint cookie. Can’t be mad at that!

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