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Episode 322: Signature Blend

I stumbled across Metolius Artisan Tea a few weeks ago and ordered a few samples on a whim. They arrived last week, and their Signature Blend was the first sample I wanted to try. This is a mix of black tea with lavender, chocolate, blueberries, vanilla, and cornflower. It’s an odd mix, but it’s certainly aromatic.

Taste-wise, it’s hard to pin down. The chocolate serves as a nice addition to the black tea base, but the lavender and blueberry almost make the blend too sweet. Adding a little milk evened out the flavors, so I’d recommend drinking it that way.

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Episode 340: Love

It’s the holiday season and we all could use a little more love around here. I’ve got some love in my cup right now thanks to Metolius Artisan Tea. This is a mix of rooibos and white tea along with osthmanthus flowers, rose, toasted coconut and bergamot and almond extract.

It tastes like I’m drinking a bar of soap. Rose and coconut are not two flavors that play well together, and combined with the almond extract, this blend has a peculiarly dry and musty aftertaste. This will improve if you drink it at room temperature or cooler, but not by much. Blech.

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Episode 344: Maté Coco Spice

Metolius Artisan Tea’s Maté Coco Spice sounds like it’s right up my alley. I love yerba maté, I’m a big fan of coconut, and I definitely like spice. The mix of cayenne, chocolate, cinnamon, coconut, and ginger sound like a real winner.

Overall, it’s murky in color and very sweet, so be careful about adding extra sweetener. The chocolate morsels in this blend add sweetness, but not chocolate flavor. Also…where’s the spice? There’s supposed to be cayenne in here, but I didn’t pick up any heat at all. Swing and a miss.

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Episode 357: Lavender Jasmine Maté

Metolius Artisan Tea’s Lavender Jasmine Maté includes chrysanthemum blossoms and lemongrass along with the blend’s signature elements. There’s also coconut in here which…is odd. They say it gives the tea a nice body, but will that also affect the taste?

The flowers and lemongrass do a good job of cutting out the grassiness of the maté, but there is just a hint of coconut in here that gives the blend a weird aftertaste. My suggestion? Nix the coconut — the blend doesn’t need it.

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