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Episode 077: Sweet Orange Maté

ESP Emporium — we have a winner! I’m really really digging this Sweet Orange Maté blend, which is a mix of green and roasted yerba maté. licorice, and orange peels. It sounds like an odd blend, but it really works together well!

The roasted maté and the orange give a nice smoky, citrus-y flavor that is complemented by the licorice to give a bit more depth. I also pick up on a hint of vanilla, which gives the tea a bit of a Creamsicle vibe. I’m a fan!

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Episode 081: CocoCaramel Sea Salt

You know I’m not the biggest fan of most chocolate teas, so I approached Teavana’s CocoCaramel Sea Salt with a bit of hesitation. But you know what? It’s not too bad!

The blend is chocolatey, but not watery or too thick. There’s just the right touch of sea salt, with some added sweetness from the honeybush (although you do taste it near the back of the sip). I don’t think this is a tea I’d drink very often, but it would make for a nice dessert tea.

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Episode 143: Butterbeer Iced Tea

I had no idea what “butterbeer” was prior to trying this tea. I mean, I’ve heard of putting butter in coffee and butter in tea, but butter in beer? Turns out this is a drink in the Harry Potter series, which means I’ve lost about a million geek points for not catching the reference.

Nerdery aside, I really enjoyed this tea blend! I’m picking up a bit of butteriness (butterscotch, perhaps?), along with some root beer, chicory, and licorice flavors. In that regard, it’s a bit similar to Southern Boy Iced Teas’ root beer float iced tea, but without vanilla. It’s nice and smooth and perfect for the summer. Try it today!

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Episode 164: Chamomile Fruit

Oh joy…another chamomile. This blend from Just Add Honey blends together the plain Jane of herbal teas with lemon myrtle, honeybush, citrus peel, lemongrass, licorice root, and stevia leaf.

It sounds like a lot of inclusions, but they all come together to make a pretty pleasant cup of tea. The honeybush and citrus cuts through the usual apple honeyed sweetness of chamomile, and the licorice root gives an interesting aftertaste. I like it!

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Episode 243: Justine’s Blend

Michelle and the good folks at Numi Organic Tea sent me a huge variety of teas to try for the show, and Justine’s Blend stood out to me the most. This is a blend created by the winner of the My Tea Blend contest, and it’s a mix of white tea, ginger, hibiscus, orange peel, and licorice.

It’s a nice mix, but I really think this would have been a much better blend without the hibiscus — it just overwhelms the delicate white tea and orange peel as well as the stronger flavors of ginger and licorice. It’s just a big ol’ cup of hibiscus. It might be better iced, but as a hot tea, those other flavors are lost.

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