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licorice root – The Year of Tea

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Episode 169: Turmeric Ginger Tea

If you like nice spicy teas that warm you up and sooth you from the inside, you’ll dig this turmeric ginger tea from SenseofJoyNBeauty. There’s all organic ingredients here — lemongrass, orange peel, lemon oil, and ginger and turmeric (of course).

This tea is for all you ginger fans out there, because this blend has it in spades. There’s lots of intense ginger flavor in each sip, and the turmeric acts as an anti-inflammatory agent. Overall, it’s a really tasty, zesty blend and I can’t wait to get my hands on some more of it. Yum!

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Episode 175: Pomegranate Pizzazz

Bigelow! At long last, we meet again. This time, it’s Pomegranate Pizzazz, one of five teas in a recent sampler I picked up from Amazon.

This herbal tea packs a lot of ingredients, but the one flavor that stands out the most isn’t the one this blend is named after! Note for note, this reminds me of Tazo Passion, and there’s only a faint whisper of pomegranate as an after taste. It’s not a bad tea; it’s just not the flavor it says it is. Maybe they should rename it “Hibiscus Hooray”.

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Episode 228: Rooibos

Rooibos was one of the first types of loose leaf tea I tried when I first started getting into tea. It’s often flavored — I’ve tried several flavored rooibos blends here — but thanks to Numi Organic Tea, I’m able to try it all on its own.

Rooibos has a gentle, natural sweetness with hints of vanilla and molasses. On it’s own, it’s a nice robust cup, and it’s smooth and easy to drink with no bitterness. It almost seems wrong to flavor it since it’s great on it’s own, but this would taste really great with a touch of cream. Mmm!

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Episode 231: Green Tea Chai

Heather and the crew at Rishi Tea sent over a boatload of blends for me to try out, and the first one that caught my eye was the green tea chai. (You know I like my chai.)

Green tea (sencha, I think?) is blended with lemongrass, ginger, cardamom, peppermint, licorice and black pepper to produce a spicy, yet mild cup of tea. The green tea gives a good sweet base, and the other inclusions provide just the right amount of kick. Not too bad!

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Episode 282: Cinnamon Plum

Plums are one of my favorite fruit flavors, but I haven’t tried out a lot of plum teas here on the show. So I was pretty excited to run across Rishi Tea’s Cinnamon Plum. It’s a really aromatic blend that’s heady and warm and comforting…like baked plums with cinnamon.

In terms of taste, Rishi Tea really nailed this one. The plum flavor is very very close to a real plum, and I think that’s because of the currants that are also in this blend. I’ve got to get some more of this!

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