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lavender – The Year of Tea

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Episode 067: Good Night

Good Night is another blend from Just Add Honey, and the name pretty much sums up what it’s meant to do — put you to sleep. The blend of chamomile, lemongrass, and lavender together work really well to make you relax.

It’s not a bad tea, but it’s not overwhelmingly great either. The addition of lemon peel helps add a bit of zing to the cup, but if you need something to help you settle down, you could do better. (It’s also a bit on the messy side thanks to the chamomile.)

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Episode 113: Lady Lavender

I love how Lady Lavender from Zhi Tea smells. I’m pretty sure sniffing on this blend might qualify as some form of aromatherapy, but let’s see how it tastes, shall we?

Lady Lavender uses oothu bai mu dan as a base with tons of lavender buds thrown in. The resulting brew smells amazing, and the taste is soft and delicate and subtle. The nutty oothu bai mu dan and the floral lavender are a perfect match. Grab this one today!

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Episode 161: Lavender Chai

Delicate, floral lavender and strong, spicy chai don’t sound like they’d be a great mix. But oh…Southern Boy Teas is here to prove you wrong! This blend features high quality black tea, traditional chai tea spices, and of course, lavender.

It seems like an odd combination, but it totally works! The lavender flavor is a great accent that heightens the cardamom and clove, and overall it’s very well-balanced and smooth. What an awesome tea to try for National Iced Tea Day!

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Episode 174: Kenyan Chai

I’ve gotta say…I’m really a fan of this Kenyan Chai from Zoomdweebie’s. This blend includes black tea from Kenya and it’s mixed with ras el hanout, a savory, pungent spice blend used in North African cuisine.

Ras el hanout is filled with great aromatics (cumin, ginger, cinnamon, etc.), and the unique mix of spices gives a really complex taste to this blend. It’s great hot and fantastic as an iced tea. I love how tea can take you around the world from just a single cup! I just wish I could buy more of this particular blend.