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Just Add Honey – The Year of Tea

Tag: Just Add Honey

Episode 027: Lemondrop Sencha

Spoiler alert! I love lemon (especially lemon desserts). So I was very excited to try this lemondrop sencha from Just Add Honey. They’ve mixed premium grade sencha with lemongrass, lemon myrtle, and marigold petals. It’s a good blend, but not great. I wanted more lemon flavor! MOAR!

It doesn’t look like Just Add Honey sells this blend anymore, but the lemondrop sencha from The Tea Guys looks pretty close to it.

Episode 038: Black Coconut

Surprise! It’s another tea from Just Add Honey! I get these in my semi-monthly CSA pack. Their black coconut blend has a lot of great ingredients — black tea, honeybush (for sweetness), cocoa, coconut…and apple?

Even with that odd addition, this is a pretty satisfying cup for morning or after-drinner drinking. Take the coconut flavor to the next level by sweetening this with palm sugar and adding coconut milk! Dessert in a glass!

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Episode 067: Good Night

Good Night is another blend from Just Add Honey, and the name pretty much sums up what it’s meant to do — put you to sleep. The blend of chamomile, lemongrass, and lavender together work really well to make you relax.

It’s not a bad tea, but it’s not overwhelmingly great either. The addition of lemon peel helps add a bit of zing to the cup, but if you need something to help you settle down, you could do better. (It’s also a bit on the messy side thanks to the chamomile.)

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Episode 078: Georgia Peaches

Today I’m trying Just Add Honey’s Georgia Peaches — a fitting name for the blend since they’re located here in Georgia! A black tea and honeybush blend is used as the base, and peaches, cinnamon, ginger, and cloves are added.

It’s definitely more bitter than peachy, and I think that’s because of the clove and black tea combination. The peach flavor is heightened with ginger, so I think trying this with a bit of milk or cream might cancel out that astringency.

Overall…it’s just not that peachy.

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