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Episode 255: Black Jasmine

When I’m traveling, I always like to take a nice black tea with me to perk me up in the mornings. (Have you seen most hotel tea selections? Blech!) This morning, I’m sampling M&K Tea Company’s Black Jasmine. This blend is a mix of Nepalese, Chinese, and Sri Lankan black teas along with jasmine flowers and jasmine extract.

This is an oaky, fragrant brew, but I feel like the jasmine flavor got lost a bit with all this black tea. On the flipside, the jasmine also tempers the black tea so it’s not a bitter cup. It’s not quite Yamamotoyama’s jasmine tea, but I’ll take it!

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Episode 257: Amaranth Mushroom

Don’t let the name of this blooming tea scare you off — the “mushroom” in Tea Laden’s Amaranth Mushroom refers to the shape of the tea bloom. Jasmine-scented green tea is woven around a chrysanthemum and an amaranth flower to create this unique shape.

This little baby is packing a punch of flavor! The jasmine is sweet and floral, with accents of honey from the chrysanthemum. Try it out today!

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Episode 271: White Wedding

If you let Billy Joel tell it, it’s a nice day for a white wedding. For me, it’s a nice day for The Tea Spot’s White Wedding tea! What I love about this blend is that it smells like wedding cake!

In terms of taste, delicate white tea, jasmine, and chestnuts come together and create a really floral and sweet cup. Make sure you brew it at the right temperature for the right time to get the best flavor!

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Episode 303: Teas’ Tea Green Jasmine Tea

If you’ve really got a hankering for some tea on a hot summer’s day, you can’t go wrong with this big honkin’ 2 liter bottle of Teas’ Tea’s Green Jasmine Tea. I love it!

The jasmine flavor is bright and floral throughout this tea, but it does have a slightly bitter aftertaste. Because of the size, it’s probably best for serving a crowd. Luckily, this also comes in a convenient 16.9 ounce size as well. Drink up!

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Episode 357: Lavender Jasmine Maté

Metolius Artisan Tea’s Lavender Jasmine Maté includes chrysanthemum blossoms and lemongrass along with the blend’s signature elements. There’s also coconut in here which…is odd. They say it gives the tea a nice body, but will that also affect the taste?

The flowers and lemongrass do a good job of cutting out the grassiness of the maté, but there is just a hint of coconut in here that gives the blend a weird aftertaste. My suggestion? Nix the coconut — the blend doesn’t need it.

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