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Episode 033: Bancha

There are a lot of different varieties of green tea — matcha, sencha, gyokuro, etc. — and with these varieties come different flavor profiles. When someone says to me “I don’t like green tea”, I immediately think that they probably haven’t tried different ones.

Bancha is my green tea variety of choice — mellow and mature and suitable for daily drinking. It’s not as aromatic as sencha, but it has a nice robust flavor that goes well with a lot of different foods. Which green tea variety is your favorite?

Episode 084: Oi Ocha

While I was in Austin for SXSW, I had a can of this delicious iced green tea called Oi Ocha from Ito En. It paired perfectly with the Poor Qui’s Buns and Brussels Sprout salad from East Side King.

It’s important to note that this tea is not sweetened. (My taste buds tell me this is an iced bancha, but I could be wrong.) I picked up some slight bitterness and a bit of a grassy/eggy taste, but the sweetness of the food I was eating counteracted that. Your mileage may vary, but I wanted you to be aware.

Pick some up at your local Japanese market, or buy it directly from Ito En!

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Episode 303: Teas’ Tea Green Jasmine Tea

If you’ve really got a hankering for some tea on a hot summer’s day, you can’t go wrong with this big honkin’ 2 liter bottle of Teas’ Tea’s Green Jasmine Tea. I love it!

The jasmine flavor is bright and floral throughout this tea, but it does have a slightly bitter aftertaste. Because of the size, it’s probably best for serving a crowd. Luckily, this also comes in a convenient 16.9 ounce size as well. Drink up!

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Episode 311: Teas’ Tea Chai Tea Latte

I’m no stranger to chai blends at all, but one thing I haven’t tried for the show yet is a bottle chai tea latte. Teas’ Tea’s Chai Tea Latte to the rescue!

It’s a really well-balanced beverage! The cinnamon and star anise stand out the most, but the milk and black tea are in perfect proportion and not too overwhelming. And the ingredients are nice and simple too. It’s a winner!

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Episode 319: Golden Oolong Tea

Oh…another bottled tea. I’ve got plenty of loose leaf teas left, but work has been busy and I’ve had a lot on my plate, so bottled teas have been my go-to drink for the past few weeks. Today, it’s Ito En’s Golden Oolong Tea. This unsweetened tea is a blend of huan jin hui (also known as Golden Cinnamon) and ti kuan yin (also known as Iron Goddess or tieguanyin).

Taste-wise, it’s really the best of both oolongs! The huan jin hui brings a nice toasty warm flavor with a whisper of cinnamon, and the ti kuan yin is nice and grassy with a bit of a stewed greens flavor. Together, it’s a pretty nice robust blend that would go well with food or on a hot day. Nice!

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