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Episode 199: Big Snow Mountain Pearls

At first glance, M&K’s Tea Company’s Big Snow Mountain Pearls looks like a blooming tea! But it’s actually just a big rolled tea similar to what you’d find with jasmine pearls or maybe a gunpowder green tea. You can also find this tea called da xue shan.

For a pu’erh, this is a surprisingly light and smooth tea! There’s hints of honeysuckle and white peach, and this tea stands up very well to multiple steepings. For the price, you’ll want to get as much out of this as you can. If you like pu’erh but want a crisper taste, give this a shot!

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Episode 359: Silver Buds Yabao

Merry Christmas! I hope you’re enjoying the holiday and having a great time. I didn’t do any holiday decorating this year, but when I saw this yabao from Verdant Tea, I had to pick it up because it looks like little mini Christmas trees! According to Verdant Tea, this silver buds yabao has a flavor somewhere between white tea and pu’erh. Interesting!

A quick steep yields a pretty spicy and flavorful brew with lots of cinnamon and nutmeg flavor with a nice floral aftertaste. It’s very crisp, and I can imagine this would be really refreshing as an iced tea. A little bit of this tea goes along way, so grab some today before it’s gone!

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